3 Best Food Processor for Grating Cheese 2019

From parmesan to cheddar to soft mozzarella; here are the best food processors for grating cheese. Apart from cheese you can also use these food processors for grating carrots. You can also grate vegetables, coconut meat, and potatoes.

Grating cheese at home can be cheaper than buying it from the store. Grating cheese or veggies means processing it into tiny particles, powdery like. It is different from shredding it. Shredding produces long strips item. These food processors have blades that can grate on one side and shred on the other side.

Best Food Processor for Grating Cheese 2019

1. Kenwood MultiPro Classic Food Processor

TheKenwood MultiPro Classic Food Processor, FDM786 is one of the best food processors for grating cheese.
It comes with 2 bowls, a heat-resistant blender, knife blade, slicing and grating discs, a dough tool, and metal whisk. The small bowl is for preparing small batches of food.

  •  Grating disc for grating cheese, chocolate and breadcrumbs
  • The 1.5 litre glass blender is for making smoothie and soup. You can use it to blend hot soup with no fear of it breaking.
  • The knife blade for chopping vegetables and meat
  • Slicer disc for slicing fruits and vegetables and
  • The whisk for whisking cream and beating eggs
  • The dough tool for mixing and kneading dough

It features 1000 powerful motor, 8 speed levels and a pulse.
It is compact, very efficient, quite versatile, great value for money.

2. Magimix 5200XL Food Processor

Like the Kenwood Multipro; the Magimix 5200XL Food Processor is also great at grating cheese. It comes with 2mm and 4mm grating discs and 3 bowls. There is a 1.2 litre mini bowl for preparing small quantities of food and a 2.6 litre midi bowl for grating. And the 3.6 litre main bowl for kneading, chopping, shredding and blending.

Apart from grating; this Magimix food processor can also slice, shred, chop and knead. It has extra large feeding tube in which you can feed it with a whole fruit or veggies without chopping it first.

It comes with a recipe book and a storage box for storing its attachments
Read a detailed Magimix 5200XL Food Processor here.

3. Magimix Le Mini Plus Food Processor