White Goods

On this page we cover what is commonly referred to in the UK as white goods. These are mostly small and large kitchen appliances that usually last for long, occupy a bit of space on the kitchen counter-top and are more often plugged to a source of power like an electric plug of gas. Examples of white good are things like toasters, Microwaves, mini-fridge, Dishwasher, Clothes dryer, Freezer, Refrigerator, Stove, Oven, Cooking plate or maybe Cooktop,, Washing machine, Water heater, Air Conditioner, Trash compactor. The term white goods has simply caught on from previous use when most gadgets found in the kitchen were white in colour. This is obviously not the case now but the name white good is still used to classify different colours of small and large kitchen appliances for example a silver kettle or grey mini-fridge is still considered a white good.

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