Magimix 3200XL vs 5200XL Review

Magimix 3200XL vs 5200XL Food Processor

The is perfectly suited for catering to a maximum of 4 individuals on a regular basis. Therefore small families with busy lifestyles, smaller kitchen spaces, and a relatively modest budget will find this model worth every penny spent. Common Features: Feature a motor with a Quiet Mark Accreditation and a 30-year guarantee and come with … Read more

Magimix 3200XL vs 4200XL Review

Magimix 3200XL vs 4200XL Food Processor

The , with its larger capacity, is good for catering to medium-sized groups while the 3200XL is ideal for couples or small families. Additionally, the bulky, heavy 4200XL will be best suited to larger kitchens while the compact footprint of makes it a perfect fit for smaller kitchens. Common Features: Both feature a motor with … Read more

Magimix Le Mini Plus Review

Magimix Le Mini Plus Food Processor

Food processors are great for simplifying kitchen life and facilitating regular home-cooked meals. They have become a must-buy for most households regardless of their size or budgets. Typically, food processors are sizable machines requiring considerable kitchen space and a more than decent budget. However, the need for smaller machines has seen a range of mini … Read more

Magimix 5200XL vs 5200xl Premium Review

Magimix 5200XL vs 5200xl Premium Review

The Magimix 5200XL and the are more similar than they are different. Both are high-quality, extremely versatile machines, which have most of your daily kitchen functions covered. The difference of attachments available makes the Magimix Premium more suited for the more adventurous cooks looking to experiment, and who have the budget to splurge. However, for … Read more

Magimix 4200XL vs 5200XL Review

Magimix 4200XL vs 5200XL Food Processor

The Magimix 4200XL is slightly scaled-down version of the 5200XL. The is better suited to families catering to 6 or more individuals regularly, to families who love to host and entertain guests at home, and to those people who like to cook huge quantities in one go and freeze for later. The is ideal for … Read more

Best Magimix Food Processor Reviews UK 2022 – Which One to Buy?

The Best Magimix Food Processor

When looking for the best food processor for yourself, you will often find Magimix food processors recommended. The Magimix has numerous options to choose from and it can leave anyone overwhelmed and confused. Here we discuss the 6 best Magimix food processor reviews UK 2022: Best Magimix Food Processor Review UK 2022 1. Magimix 4200XL … Read more

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