Kitchenaid Artisan 125 vs 175 vs 185

Kitchenaid Artisan 125 vs 175 vs 185 Key differences

The key difference between the Kitchenaid Artisan 125 vs 175 vs185 is mainly in the accessories each individual model comes with. Kitchenaid Artisan is the base model that comes with only one 4.8L bowl while the vs come with two mixing bowls. One big bowl of 4.8l and a 3L bowl for any extra baking. … Read more

Food Mixer Or Food Processor – What’s the Difference?

A Food Mixer Or A Food Processor

Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions!

Which is the better appliance to buy? A food mixer or a food processor?
Food Processor and Mixer in one? Or two machines?
What should I get – a food processor or food mixer?
Can a food processor make the cake dough, whip cream; make buttercream, can it serve the same purpose a mixer does?
Can you make a meringue by a food processor
Can a food processor grind meat?

Top Andrew James Food Mixer Reviews

Andrew James Food Mixer

The Andrew James Food Mixer is one of the best food mixers out there. Generally, there are 3 Andrew James Mixers in the UK market right now. And these are The Andrew James multifunctional mixer, the Andrew James 800W Food Stand Mixer, and the Andrew James electric food stand mixer. These mixers come in red, … Read more

AEG Food Mixer Reviews

AEG Food Mixer Reviews

AEG Km4000 Ultramix Food Mixer Reviews? The Km4000 Ultramix Food Mixer comes in 2 colors to choose from: Tungsten Metallic Gloss and Watermelon Red. Apart from this; the AEG km4000 ultramix just like Kenwood Chef also comes with 5 year warranty for peace of mind.
But is this AEG km4000 ultramix kitchen machine worth it? Let us find out.

Tower t12033rg Stand Mixer Reviews

Tower t12033rg Stand Mixer

is one such model that is very popular among home-bakers in UK. What has made Tower stand mixer so well-liked and what it offers to its users is what we analyze here. Tower t12033rg Stand Mixer Key Features: Product dimension: 31.2×15.7×30.5 cm. Weight: 5 kg. Power: 1000 watts. Material: Plastic body, stainless steel bowl. Features … Read more

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