Best UK Amazon Prime Day Stand Mixer Deals 2019

Amazon Prime Day Stand Mixer Deals UK 2019 by Kitchenaid, Kenwood, Cooks Professional and other top prime day food stand mixers brands on Amazon are here. We expect more deals this year compared to prime day 2018 due to the introduction of new Kitchenaid mini stand mixer models in the UK market in October 2018

Top Offers / Sales (16/07/2019)

1.47% off Kenwood KVL4100W Stand Mixer, 1200 W, White
2.61% off Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer, 1000 W, Red
3.61% off Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer, 1000 W, Cream
4.61% off Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer, 1000 W, Black
5.61% off Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer, 1000 W, White
6.17% off Venga! VG BL 3009 2-in-1 Stand Mixer and Smoothie Maker - 450 W, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Glass, 600 ml, Mint Green
7.10% off Cookmii Stand Mixer 1500W Food Stand Mixer, Tilt-Head Food Mixer, 5.5 L Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl, 6 Speed with Planetary Mixing Action, Kitchen Electric Mixer with Dough Hook, Whisk & Beater Grey

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July 15/07/2019 (Has ended)

  • 47% off KitchenAid 5K45SSBSL Classic Stand Mixer, Die-cast Zinc
  • 68% off KitchenAid 5FGA Food Grinder, White (Optional Accessory for KitchenAid Stand Mixers)
  • 35% off Play-Doh E0102EU4 Kitchen Creations Spinning Treats Mixer
  • 3% off Black Stand Mixer – VonShef 1000W Black Food Stand Mixer – 4.5 Litre Mixing Bowl with Splash Guard – Includes Beater, Dough Hook & Whisk
  • Price: £62.99 Cream Stand Mixer – VonShef 1000W Cream Food Stand Mixer – 4.5 Litre Mixing Bowl with Splash Guard – Includes Beater, Dough Hook & Whisk

2018 Deals

  • 60% off Sensio Home 2-in-1 Food Processor Blender & Stand Mixer Machine – 1000W Electric Motor Dough Hook, Whisk, Beater, Splash Guard, 6-Speed – 4.5 Litre Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl – 1.5L Glass Blender Jug.
  • 36% off KitchenAid UK 5KSM95PSBCU Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield, Silver.
  • Save 30% on Andrew James Electric Food Stand Mixer In Stunning Silver Includes Splash Guard 5.2 Litre Bowl And Spatula. Deal is Over
  • (34% off) Kenwood KMX50BK Stand Mixer, 500 W – Black .

KitchenAid UK 5KSM95PSBCU Artisan Stand Mixer

The thing that set the KitchenAid UK 5KSM95PSBCU Stand Mixer apart from others is the quality of its design and the ability to perform more than what a standard kitchen tool can do when more attachments are added to it.

With this in mind let us examine the key features of this Kitcheinaid Artisan to find out if it meets your needs and expectations.

Key Features

  • 10 speed settings from a very low number 1 speed to very fast number 10 speed. This is to help you execute any recipe with ease using either wet or dry ingredients 
  • Drive motor in the head : This design help power down the energy from top to bottom and get everything mixed accordingly
  • Rounded tilt head design that helps accessories reach the bowl with ease making all the ingredients to be mixed perfectly
  • 3 necessary attachments: flat beater for mixing ingredients , dough hook for kneading  and wire for whipping eggs and creams,
  • Dust cover for preventing un-necessary splashes
  • Pouring spout to help you add more  ingredients while the machine is in action
  • 4.8 litre mixing bowl, big enough to cater for medium to big size family or making a lot of food at once for future use or party.
  • Planetary mixing action: This involves beater moving in one direction then the other while the whisk is in action pushing ingredients from sides to the center of the bowl causing all ingredients to be mixed together efficiently. You will appreciate this feature the more when you read reviews from other brand where the machines struggle to mix the ingredients evenly.


  • Like most multi-purpose kitchen appliances, this Kitchenaid Artisan is a bit heavy weighing 10.5 kg, made up of pure stainless steel aluminum.
  • Comes with a flat beater but users prefer flexi beater instead as it is better at scrapping the sides of the bowl while mixing. In case you also need a flexi beater, you can buy it at extra cost.

You can use this Kitchenaid Artisan, 5KSM95PSBCU for whipping eggs and creams, mixing cake mixtures and kneading bread/pizza dough.  And with additional of more attachments you can use it to make almost everything from pastas, sausages, smoothies, ice cream, mince meat, chopping, slicing, grinding and more by simply buying more attachments to accompany it for the job you want it to perform.

There is also an option to buy a glass bowl  if you prefer bowl to steel.

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KitchenAid 5K45SSBOB Classic Stand Mixer

Check it outThis KitchenAid 5K45SSBOB Classic Stand Mixer is more less the same as the Kitchenaid Artisan reviewed above. It also has 10 speed setting, drive motor in the head, tilti-head design, dust cover, and pouring spout. It also comes with 3 basic accessories to get you started: flat beater, whisk, and a dough hook.

What differentiate this classic model from the Artisan is its bowl size, 4.3 litre compared to 4.8 of the Artisan model reviewed above. Also the color, whereas this model comes in either black or white (5K45SSBWH model), the Kitchenaid artisan on the other hand comes in silver color only if you buy it from Amazon UK.

The artisan model is more powerful than the classic model, better choice if you need it for a big family. However for most people the classic model is ok.

Kitchenaid 5KSM7591XBER Planetary Stand Mixer

Check it outIf you want a bigger and powerful kitchenaid stand mixer than the Kitchenaid Artisan, then this Kitchenaid 5KSM7591XBER Planetary is the one to buy. It comes with a 6.9 litre bowl compared to the 4.8 of the Artisan or and 4.3 of the Kitchenaid classic models reviewed above.

Its motor is also quite powerfully, powered by 500 watts motor compared to the 275 watts of the other two models. This is due to increased ingredients handling capacity from 4.8 to 6.9l.

Otherwise other features of this heavy duty Kitcheinaid 5KSM7591XBERare the same as the other two models: 10 speed settings, tilti head design, and motor in the head. With it you also get three default accessories: whisk, flat beater and dough hook in addition to the splash-guard.

In terms of price as you might expect this 5KSM7591XBER is more expensive than the Kitchenaid Artsisan and classic models reviewed above.

It comes in red (5KSM7591XBER model), silver (5KSM7591X model) and white color (5KSM7591XBWH).

KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer

The Kitchenaid Mini Stand Mixer is a new model that was introduced in the UK Market on October 2018. We expect them to be on sale this time.

This Kitcheinaid stand mixer offers a Kitchenaid experience to a small family, couples or kitchen. It comes with a 3.3 litre mixing bowl great for personal use too compared to 4.3 of classic, 4.8 of Artisan or 6.9 litre of the heavy duty Kitchenaid.

This mini machine also comes with a good range of color to choose from ranging from: Hot Sauce, Honeydew, Guava Glaze and Twilight Blue. You also get 5 year warranty compared to one year that comes with other models.

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Apart from this, the design, ability and box content apart from the bowl are the same as the other models presented above.

Amazon Prime Day Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Deals UK 2018

36% off KitchenAid UK 5KSM95PSBCU with Pouring Shield, Silver. Deal is over.

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Amazon Prime Day Kitchenaid Stand Mixer vs Kenwood vs Cooks Professional Deals UK 2019

What Can You Use a Stand Mixer For?

The stand mixer is the best kitchen appliance a baker can have. You know those times you go to the supermarket and admire good looking cakes, cookies, breads, biscuits and other snacks and wish you could be able to make them at home by yourself.

You can be a self made chef by having appropriate tools like a kitchen scale, recipe books and what else than a favorite stand machine to help you whip, mix and knead ingredients quickly and perfectly at the press of the button.

All most all stand mixers include three basic attachments: flat beater, whisk and a dough hook in which you can use:

  • A flat beater for mixing ingredients when making cakes and cookies, mashing boiled potatoes with cream and butter
  • A whisk for beating eggs and creams when making homemade butter, waffles, cakes, and cookies
  • A dough hook for kneading dough, for instance bread, pizza buns and rolls dough

Multifunctional kitchen machines Kitchenaid and Kenwood Chef include a lot more attachments for other uses like making ice cream, pastas, sausages, smoothies, salad, shred chicken breast, and more. Most of these attachments you can buy them separately as demand arise.

Things to Consider When Buying a Stand Mixer

  • Style: Do you want a glass bowl or an aluminum one.   The glass bowl helps you to see what is happening. What about the color , do you want the one that matches you’re your other kitchen appliances like blender and toaster
  • Size: Do you want it for personal or big family use: On this consider the size of the mixing bowl
  • Attachments that come with it
  • Weight in case you have to move it here and then from kitchen counter to the storage area.

Stand Mixer or Food Processor?

If you are into baking and want a kitchen tool for helping mixing, beating and kneading then the stand mixer is the best choice. But if you want an appliance for chopping, slicing, shredding and grating vegetables, fruits, cheese and more then the food processor is the better choice.

However, there are multifunctional stand mixers like Kenwood chef and Kitchenaid that include a food processor and blender to give you a fully functional multi-purpose kitchen tool.

Want to Slice Various Ingredients in a Convenient Way? – Get a Unique Food Processor Want to buy an ultimate food processor for your kitchen that will help you in chopping salad items and mixing the dough in a convenient and effortless way? Then it will surely be wise for you to get the Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Kitchen Wizz Pro Food Processor that has been built to provide utmost comfort to the person who spends most of the valuable time in kitchen. The unique slicer of this food processor is extremely safe and enables users to cut long and even slices with even thickness. If you are fond of small slices then it can be bit difficult to get required size with the help of this food processor. Even though it is not such a big issue as the makers of this equipment has shown unique engineering at its best. What are the unique features of this food processor?

The food processor has 4-way chopping blades that will enable you to process the large quantity of vegetables in a consistent and faster way. Since the blades are extremely sharper, you will be able to do the job of slicing, chopping, and shredding in an easier way.

The adjustable disk shaft of this equipment has been made out of reinforced stainless steel that stays steady even while slicing large quantity of vegetables. The size of the blade increments from 0.5mm to 8mm in thickness.

With the pack, you will also get 2.5 liter bowl for the purpose of processing various vegetables and fruits.

The food processor gets the massive power from the 2000 Watt drive motor that is surely the best in its class. It is a single speed motor that has few movable parts and thereby has been designed to last longer. The company provides 25 years of warranty on the motor of this equipment.

For ease of use, the food processor has on and off controls that can easily be controlled by a new user. You will also get to experience the pulse control feature of this equipment. This feature is extremely useful if you want to use this equipment for a shorter duration.

The brand provides three separate blades with this equipment for easy processing. You will get a mini blade for the recommended bowl used for mini processing, a dough blade to combine various ingredients and make dough out of it and lastly a heavy duty four blades that will enable you to slice or cut vegetables in a convenient way.

Besides this, you will also get five different adjustable discs with this kitchen equipment. For example, a julienne disc to cut thin and long strips, a reversible disc for the purpose of shredding, a whisking disc to make a batter out of cream and egg white and lastly an adjustable disc for slicing.

The kitchen equipment has a unique LCD display that will enable you to view the timer in a convenient way.

You will also be provided various sizes of storage containers to make processing easier.

You will be able to seal various attachments of the equipment efficiently to the base of the bowl with the help of watertight sealing technology. This will prevent leakage of various liquid and besides this; you will also get an opportunity to increase the capacity by 25%.

A spatula and cleaning brush is also one unique of accessories of this equipment. Now you can easily clean up the leftover processed item from the specific bowl.

Reviews/expert opinion The various accessories provided by this food processor are extremely useful. To provide utmost safety, you will get an accessory box in which the various accessories can be stored neatly. Besides this, the equipment will not operate until the bowl is placed in a correct manner. This is also one of the vital features of this food processor.


Will enable you to cut or slice large vegetables or fruits in a convenient way.

Has a massive motor with 25 years of warranty. Built to process good quantity of vegetables and fruits.

You will get to slice vegetables and fruits in various sizes and thickness with the help of adjustable blades.

Get a big bowl of 2.5 liters that will enable you to process large quantity of vegetables and fruits.

Cons There are many unique features of this processor that a user will get accustomed only after prolong use. Overall Verdict This kitchen appliance is surely a good investment of your valuable money. You will be able to complete the job of food processing in an easier way. The various adjustable blades of this appliance will enable you to slice or cut various ingredients in a uniform manner. Get this unique kitchen appliance and enjoy cooking.

Amazon Prime Day Stand Mixers 2019 : What to Expect?

The long awaited Amazon Prime Day has been confirmed as an event that will take place on 15th and 16th of July 2019. Sales have grown in popularity over the last four years. Last year’s sales generated so much traffic online such that Amazons website crushed since it could not handle the `increased online interest of customers looking for deals.

This year, Amazon are aiming even higher. They are going full blown to generate more interest from customers. So many strategies have been put in place to stir up excitement about the impending sales bonanza.

Celebrities like Tyler Swift and Dua Lipa have been lined up to tease up interest from buyers. There will be concerts in the run up to Prime Day discounts exclusive to Amazon Prime members .

There is also a campaign to make customers download the Amazon app. If you are among the first 100,000 people to download the app, you will get a £10 shopping voucher which you can use on Prime Day or even right away if you need to.

Amazon have also introduced Prime Launches which is basically new products being launched through the site. These launches are exclusively available to members only. If you are keen to try out new products coming to the market then you can take advantage of them which features products from a wide range of categories from kitchen tools to cleaning machines.

The day usually have millions of products on sale. It has become even bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

To participate in it you need to a subscribed Amazon Prime member. If have not signed up before there is a free one month trial to start you off. Otherwise subscription cost £ 7.99 a month or £79. In case you are not keen of subscribing, you can sign up for one week only at the cost of £0.99.

With over 100 million subscribed customers there are benefits to be had like free delivery, access to free videos, and over 2 million songs ad free among others.

There are a number of lightening deals being released daily to warm up people to what is shaping up to be the biggest sales event in the whole calendar year in the universe.

You can also start shopping early in anticipation. Check out the things you wish to buy on discount and place them on your shopping cart. If they will be massively discounted , you will check out at a reduced price.

Otherwise, we will continue featuring Amazon Prime Day stand mixer deals UK 2019 by Kitchenaid, cooks professional, kenwood and more as more deals keep coming in.