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Black Friday Ice Cream Maker UK 2022 Deals & Cyber Monday Sale

Ice Cream Maker Black Friday Deals 2022: Getting the ice cream maker on Black Friday makes the whole process of making ice cream easy and fun. Some have a built-in freezer, they churn the ice cream mixture and cool it to the desired state.

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Black Friday Ice Cream Maker UK 2022 Deals

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How to Make Ice Cream

Ice cream also called flavored ice is one of the sweetest desserts made of cream or dairy milk, sugar or alternative sweeteners, and spices. In ice cream making they sometimes include food colorings, stabilizing agent gluten, and eggs as emulsifiers. Gluten is one of the food additives for preserving flavor and appearance though some people have allergy to it.

There are soft basic ice creams such as vanilla ice cream and scoop ice creams. Scoop ice cream creams offer a different range of textures and flavours by adding inclusions to it such as chocolate chips, cookies, nuts, dried fruits and more.

Making ice cream from scratch is quite easy depending on the type of ice cream you want to make. While others need you to make a custard base first, others are too simple and require only one ingredient. For instance, making banana ice cream that requires you to only freeze the pieces of bananas overnight and mash them with a food processor the next day. After finishing making, serve instantly in a dish and add chocolate chips to make it tastier. Check it in pictures https://www.thespruceeats.com/banana-ice-cream-4688892.

You can also make healthy, low-calorie mango frozen yoghurt ice cream by blending two cups of frozen mangos with half cup yoghurt. Add 2 teaspoon of honey and vanilla extract for taste.

If you want to use a blender instead of a food processor, add some cows milk on the mixture to help processing it.

  • Other ice creams need you to make a custard base first using fresh full fat milk, yoghurt or cream, eggs and sugar, cool it down in the fridge for about 1 hour then add flavourings before putting the mixture into the ice cream maker to churn it
  • Check full recipes here https://www.thespruceeats.com/best-homemade-ice-cream-recipes-4128903 or https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/ice-cream-recipes or https://www.foodiecrush.com/how-to-make-easy-no-churn-ice-cream/
  • Ice cream must contain at least 10 to 16 per cent milk fat. This helps it to be smoother due to reduced water content that when reduced results into fewer ice crystals and of creamy texture
  • Use salt to lower ice melting point. This helps to draw heat faster from the ice cream mixture and thus helps it freeze faster. When the ice cream mixture freezes quicker, it produces smaller ice crystal and soft iced cream
  • Add flavours such as cocoa, chocolate, strawberry, mango, avocado, vanilla, coffee and flavoured syrup when the cooked custard has cooled down
  • Freeze ice cream mixture below 2-degree centigrade for 4 to 6 hours or overnight. If your ice cream maker does not have a built-in freezer then you will need an airtight container or a freezing bowl to use for freezing in your freeze
  • Serve in a dish to eat with a spoon or in an edible cone
  • Store leftovers in your main freezer compartment to help it stay at freezing point
  • Avoid melting and refreezing as it results into the formation of large crystals that harden the ice cream

In commercial settings, they sometimes use nitrogen liquid to freeze ice cream instead of using traditionally ice cream freezer.

Black Friday 2022: Tips and Tricks of Making the Best Ice Cream

  • If your maker does not include a built-in freezer rather include a freezing bowl then, you need to freeze this freezing bowl overnight. The cold bowl will help your ice cream freeze better
  • Start the ice cream maker motor first before pouring the mixture into the cold bowl. This is because the bowl is already too cold it might freeze the mixture into chunks if puts earlier before turning the motor on
  • You can add dried or fresh fruits, nuts, chocolate chips, and or candy pieces. But, make sure that they are cut into small pieces and frozen first. Add these mix-ins into a frozen ice cream mixture. The ice cream maker will stir them in seconds.
  • What about spicing up with ginger, matcha or mango there is always endless options when coming to making ice cream delicacy
  • To avoid your ice cream from getting hard and icy when stored for future use add a stabilizer such as honey, corn syrup, sugar, vodka and store in an airtight container. Ice crystals in ice cream show that it has not been kept nicely.

Is Ice Cream Healthy?

Ice cream is healthy based on the ingredients used to make it and how often you consume eat. It is made of healthy ingredients such as milk, eggs and fruits but high amount of sugar, sometimes up to 24 grams per half a cup. It makes you happy when you eat it and that improves your life greatly as they contain a good amount of phosphorus and calcium.

However, due to low nutrients but a high level of sugar and calories in ice cream, you better eat it only occasionally. Moderate your intake by practicing portion control. Do not consume it as a replacement of other healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Make your own homemade ice cream to reduce the chances of consuming added commercial unhealthy additives, food dyes, sweeteners, artificial ingredients, and flavors. And when shopping for one, remember to check its real ingredients especially those at the beginning by reading its label carefully.

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