Best Amazon Prime Day Instant Pot Deals UK 2019

Find Amazon Prime Day Instant Pot Deals UK 2019:Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1. If you cook food that takes long to cook like beans, meat, rice and the like, instant pot is a perfect match for you. However, there is a case to be made for every person who has a busy lifestyle to like the instant pot. It gives your flexibility and convenience.

You can program the food you are to cook and go do other chores, then com heck your dish at the time you have set it to finish cooking and your food will be ready. It is the closest thing you can come to push button cooking.
It may also be cheaper in the long run because it’s essentially a multi gadget. It compact nature is also good if you live tight spaces.

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Amazon Prime Day Instant Pot Deals UK 2019

1.Instant Pot DUO60
2.Instant Pot Duo Mini
3.Instant Pot Duo V2 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

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Amazon Prime Day Slow Cooker Deals UK 2019

1.10 litre slow cooker
2.Crock-Pot Multi Size Digital Slow Cooker
3.Morphy Richards Slow Cooker Sear and Stew Slowcooker

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Amazon Prime Day Pressure Cooker Deals 2019 UK

1.Tower Pressure Cooker
3.Instant Pot Duo V2 7-in-1 Electric Pressure

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Amazon Prime Day Sous Vide Deals UK 2019


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Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Review

Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 as the name suggests is a pot that supports seven functions in a single kit:

  1. It’s a pressure cooker (the core function).
  2. Its a rice cooker
  3. Its a slow cooker
  4. Its a steamer
  5. Its a warmer
  6. A yoghurt maker
  7. It can sauté/browning

All these functions especially the pressure cooker shortens your cooking time compared to when using a stove. It also helps to add flavour to your ingredients better than a slow cooker. You can customise your dish using functions like browning and steaming to put a stamp on your dish.

Key Benefits of an Instant Pot

  • Instant pot is very safe to use. It has many safety features embedded in it that are not easy to override.
  • The 7 in 1 comes in three sizes so you can pick the size that fits your space and budget.
  • It’s quite compact and easily fits into your kitchen worktop. It is fairly easy to store too because of its small footprint.
  • It cuts your cooking time by 50% using pressure cooker.
  • The maximum capacity fill is clearly outlined inside the pot and so is the half way mark as opposed to other pressure cookers in the market. This also helps to safeguard you from any incidences of over spilling due to no room for the pressure to circulate.
  • The sauté function helps you to quickly fry your onions without resorting to the stove.
  • It is hassle free and silent in use other than when your release the steam.
  • It can save you on heating because it’s quite efficient when it comes to power usage.
  • The slow cooking function is programmable; you can set it to cook at a time that is convenient to your schedule.
  • You can customise it to your style by buying additional features like interior ceramic pots, steamer baskets and the like.


The slow cooker cooks from the base upwards which is not very effective.

The aromas from the pot don’t wash easily because of the silicon seal. You need to air and clean the pot regularly to rid if from previously cooked food aroma.

The manual is sketchy and you need to check the parent website online for more information.

Mechanism Behind the Instant Pot

When using the pressure cooker mode: Steam is generated after heating contents in the pot that should be tight sealed with a lockable lid. As more steam is generated more pressure is generated which cuts the time spend cooking.. Steam has higher temperature which forces the ingredients to cook quicker. Food that take long to cook like tough meat or un-soaked beans are perfect for the instant pot. You only need to select your settings and ingredients then leave the instant pot to do the cooking.

The resultant pressure also makes your ingredients to turn brownish in colour and also add some tasty flavour to your food.

There is a valve on the lid that is made to automatically control the pressure inside the pot. It will reduce or increase the pressure as per the requirements of your dish and the programmes you have set. Once you finish cooking, you can either leave the pressure to drop slowly once the heat is put off or you can unlock the valve on the lid to release the trapped pressurised steam. This makes a hissing sound.

 A Review of the Different Functions of the Instant Pot

Pressure Cooker:

Ensure you follow the instructions provided especially in regard to safety. Pressure cook employ steam to cook, you don’t to play around with it because it can scald. Instant pot has layers of safety measures which you can easily apply by following instructions.  Check to see that the valves are not blocked by any food residue. If you are cooking meat, it’s advisable to brown it before cooking it. This adds more flavour to your dish. Depending on your recipe, be sure to add enough water to keep the steam going. Also ensure that the pot is not filled to the brim, leave enough room for the steam to flow. Overloading your cooker will end up being messy because the will be no room for the steam to circulate and may force your food content out of the pot.

Make the heat up time to be short by going for full power from the get go. If your heating is low, it will lead to long heat up time which usually results in overcooking.

Get the recipe right whenever using the pressure cooker. Meat with bones and fatty tissues does well. Beans and grains do well.

When your dish is ready, do not tamper with lid. Follow the instructions to release the steam.

Slow cooker

Slow cooking is the reverse of pressure cooking. You achieve it by allowing steam to escape. Do not add too much water because it might make your dish soggy. Use the lowest setting because it pulls most flavour from your dish.

Rice Cooker

This is straight forward, soak, the rice and set the recommended minutes. You could also try frying the rice, which also cooks easily within the recommended time and does not stick.


If you need to fry some ingredients quickly then this is the option for you. You can sauté chopped onions and vegetables. It works well if you are cooking small dishes. You can change the temperature up or down using the sautéing button. Three sauté button presses lowers the temperature, two presses increases the temperature while one press gives you medium temperature.

How to Use Instant Pot

  • Ensure the inside and lid is clean
  • In case you need to fry your ingredients, select the sauté function  and fry your ingredients. The sauté function works well when you fry small portions
  • Ensure you have adequate liquid to generate steam. Check to see that your food  does not go beyond the set max lines that are marked in the inside of the pot.
  • Check to see that the lock on the lid is on
  • Seal the valve.
  • Press the function you want to use and set the timer.
  • Ensure you have full power to quicken hearing power if you are using pressure cooker function.
  • Once pressure is generated a beep timer will go off to signify that cooking is underway.
  • When you hear end time beep, your cooking is done, press the cancel button  to end your cooking session.
  • You can use the sauté function to thicken the soup.

Safety points

  • Avoid adding strong also alcohol because it is flammable especially when the gas is released from the valve
  • Always follow instructions
  • Don’t put your hand over release valve; the oncoming steam might scald you.

We will continue featuring Best Amazon Prime Day Instant Pot Deals UK 2019 as the offers keep coming in.

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