11 Amazon Prime Day Tefal Cookware Deals 2019 UK

The Amazon Prime Day Tefal Cookware Deals 2019 UK : When it comes to best cookwares, Tefal is the best brand to go for everything pots and pans set, frying pan, pressure cooker, saucepan and more.

Top Deals

1.82% off Tefal Jamie Oliver 4pc Stainless Steel Pan Set
54% 0ff Tefal Ingenio Pots and Pans Set, Stainless Steel, 13-Piece, Induction
3.51% off Tefal 5 Piece, Comfort Max, Stainless Steel, Pots and Pans, Induction Set
4.44% off Tefal 5 Piece, Essential, Pots and Pans Set, Black, Aluminium, Non Stick
5.Tefal Ingenio Non-stick Elegance Cookware Set, 13 Pieces, Black
6.43% off Tefal Premium Non-stick Cookware Set with Induction, 5 Pieces - Black
7.48% off Tefal G119S444 Titanium Excel All-in-One Frying Pan, Black Stone Effect
8.53% off Tefal Ingenio Essential Non-stick Saucepan Set, 7 Pieces - Black
9.44% off Tefal C4090642 Veggie Frying Pan, 28 cm, Grey
10.36% off Tefal Taste, 20 cm/ 28 cm, Twin Pack, Frying Pan Set, Non Stick
11.60% off Tefal Non-Stick Kadai Curry Pan Madras Collection, Aluminium, Black, 26 cm
12. Other offer by Tefal53% off Tefal GV8461 Pro Express Autoclean High Pressure Steam Generator, 2200 Watt, Blue

So many deals by Tefal, check them all.

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Tefal Kitchen Machine Review – mixing, blending, slicing, grating and whisking

Tefal Kitchen Machine Review? There are 2 best selling Tefal mixers sold at Amazon: Tefal QB403D40 Kitchen Machine and Tefal Kitchen Machine Compact with Blender attachment?

But which one is worth it? Let us find out.

1. Tefal QB403D40 Kitchen Machine Review

Physical structure is composed of a sleek, silver design, with a heavy yet compact body weighing 4.4kg and standing at 40cm x 2.6cm x 32cm.

Its stainless steel bowl can handle up to 4 liters of mixture. The solid construction will ensure that it will not be phased by daily usage with above average load, and will stay steady on the counter top, assisted by rubber feet.

  • The motor boasts 900 watts of power, controlled by 6 varying speed options, as well as a pulse setting to offer complete control of the mixing, with the added protection of a splash guard. You will be able to make use of this power for most recipes, with a large set of accessories of the same robust design as the QB403D40 itself: die cast beater, die cast kneading hook, metal multi-wire whisk, shredder, blender, slicer and grater.

Key Features

The most prominent feature of this machine is its solid build.

  • A silver aluminum finish at a strong 4.4kg. You will not have to worry about it breaking down under the stress of a thick, consistent batter. Despite its heft, however, it is designed to be rather compact, and is therefore an ergonomic addition to any kitchen, and is very stylish.
  • Multiple usages for different tasks : You will be able to use this machine for most recipe preparation, with an equally solid set of accessories. These were made with thick mixtures in mind, and will hold up for as long as the QB403D40 itself will hold up.
  • The Tefal Kitchen Machine excels in most aspects where the basic functions of mixers are concerned. It can mix a heavier load, it will stay quite steady on the counter, and the design will suit any kitchen.
  • The accessories are also very reliable, as they are built with the same robust design as the QB403D40. The entire set is impressive, accounting for most tasks required during preparation: mixing, blending, slicing, grating and whisking. All in all, you have a solid machine that will do much more than other mixers, and will not having to give up extra space for another tool.

No mixer is built perfectly, as each person has his or her own needs in the kitchen. However, there are really some unfortunate things about Tefal kitchen machine that will probably bother everyone in general.

  • First off, the structure of the Tefal QB403D40- as I have stated it is built like a tank, and is as heavy as one as well. You will not have a very easy time moving it around and storing it. This, paired with its aluminum finish, also makes it rather difficult to clean.
  • While it will reliably handle heavy loads, it may do so with some wobbling and vibration, especially on the highest setting, as complained by some who have purchased it.

However, if that is not such big a deal, then you will have a decently, hard working gadget that is solidly constructed.

What do you think about the Tefal Kitchen Machine QB403D40?

2. Tefal Kitchen Machine Compact With Blender Attachment Review

  • It is white in color weighs 5kg and of 36.5 x 20.7 x 33.5 cm size.
  • It features 4 control setting speeds.
  • its bowl size is of 3.5 litre size.


This Tefal kitchen machine comes with 3 standard attachments : a dough hook, beater and a whisk in addition to a 1 litre blender, spatula and a user manual.

The machine is easy to set up – although the flip up lever is at the back so it is best operated sideways to save ….

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