Best Food Mixer For Bread Making

Are you shopping around for the best food mixer for bread making? The Kenwood kmix stand mixer barcelona stripe is the best among others. But does Kenwood kmix barcelona stripes live to the key expectations that customers look for? Let us find out.

Kenwood kmx80 kmix barcelona – The Best Food Mixer For Bread Making
kenwood kmix barcelona kmx80

  • The Kenwood kmx80 kmix barcelona is a multicolor food mixer, weighing 8kg and of 36.1 x 22.3 x 34.9 cm size.
  • It features a 500 w motor that generates power to other components.
  • Like any other Kenwood KMix stand mixer such as Kenwood kmix kmx51, the kmix barcelona stand mixer kmx80 come with 3 basic non-sticky attachments: a K-beater, a dough hook and a balloon whisk. These 3 attachments are all you need for all things mixing, beating, and kneading. With these attachments; you also get a key for adjusting attachments heights for thoroughly ingredients mixing.In addition to the 3 attachments come a spatula for scooping out your mixes and a splashguard for preventing food flying everywhere. The splash guard also has a small hole on top for pouring in ingredients while the Barcelona is running.Apart from the standard attachments provided; there is also a wide range of pasta making attachments like pasta maker, roller, cutter etc in addition to other attachments like multi food grinder and fruit press that you can buy as extras.
  • Also like all other Kenwood kMix ; the Kenwood kmx80 kmix barcelona kitchen machine also employs planetary mixing action and a fold function. Planetary mixing action functionality involving rotation of the attachment tools; touching all areas of the bowl hence complete mixing of food. While, the fold function allows the machine to mix ingredients at a slow speed at first then increase the rate thereafter perfectly mixing contents.
  • Features 2 power outlets for accommodating extra attachments.
  • Comes with a 5 year guarantee; you just need to list using the registration card provided.
  • Comes with a 5 litre bowl that can carry a reasonable amount of ingredients. The bowl tool is non aluminium.
  • Features 6 electronic speed controls that help smooth mixing of ingredients and thereby avoiding spillage. The speed is up to a maximum of 6.
  • The machine is composed of an auto stop safety functionality that makes KMix stops once the head of the Kenwood kmix kmx80 is lifted up.



  • The Kenwood kmix kmx80 stand mixer barcelona stripes reduces the task of having to mix your ingredients manually. The ingredients are perfectly mixed because of the fold and planetary action functions.
  • The machine occupies little space on the kitchen worktop.
  • It is cheaper as compared to the best selling Kitchenaid k45ss classic and reduces your expenditure by an average of 20%.
  • The Kenwood kmx80 kmix food mixer – barcelona is easy to use. It does not involve complicated procedures in its use.


  • The Kenwood kmix kmx80 – mixer – 500 w – barcelona is a bit heavy weighing 8 kg and some customers don’t like this.
  • Some additional attachments like the spaghetti pasta cutter are expensive as compared to those of similar devices in the market.

Customer Reviews

Research conducted on the internet shows that 80% of customers that reviewed the Kenwood kmx80 500 watt barcelona kmix stand mixer rated the product over 4 stars. Customers are happy with the beautiful design of this machine. It is easy to operate as their views put it. Its splash guard and the large capacity bowl are handy.

Final Verdict

Kenwood kmix barcelona standmixer is a handy tool for your kitchen. It is undeniable accepting the relief that is provided by the Kenwood kmx80 Barcelona. More cakes for you, no nasty breakdowns and reliable food mixing capabilities. Have a gadget that takes care of your kitchen spacing needs. No more hustles dealing with stiffer dough for this is taken care of by the fold functionality. I recommend the Kenwood kmix barcelona stand mixer kmx80 without doubt as the best food mixer for bread making.

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