Food Processors

Food Processors: Do you want something that will help you crash ice cubes, chop onions, shred chicken, dice carrots, grind spices, grate, and blend nuts, raw vegetables, seeds, frozen fruits, pulverise skins or stems ready for creating salad dressings, sauces and tasty food. Then a food processor is what you needs.

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Types of Food Processors

There are 3 main types of food processors:

Mini Food Processors:

These are mainly food processor for personal use aiding to process small quantities of food per time. You can use it for chopping onions, tomatoes, meat, spices and veggies.

Full Sized Food Processors:

Ideal for a family use. You can use them for chopping, slicing, shredding and mixing large quantities of food at a time. They are quite expensive compared to the mini choppers.

All-in-One Food Processors:

These are multi use food processors that come with extra attachments like blenders and mincers taking more tasks than their primary functions. They cost more than both mini and full sized processors. Others act also as food mixers performing extra tasks like whisking, mixing and kneading.

You can get the best mini food processor in a price range of between £20 and £50 and a full sized food processor in a price range of between £40 and £300. For the best multi-functional food processor; you can get it in a price range between £250 and £600.

Which one you end up buying depends on your budget and personal needs.

Best Brands

The number one leading brand for best food processors is the Kenwood. Its food processors are receiving rave reviews in major online stores. This brand has all kinds of food processors from mini food processors to full sized multifunction food processors.

Other best food processor brands include Philips, Russell Hobbs, Magimix, Tefal and Bosch among others.

Food Processors vs. Food Mixers

Like food mixers; food processors can also be used with almost any type of cooking, be it for baking, creating sauces for pasta, salad dressings, and even when making your homemade ice cream!

However, while food mixers are more into whipping, mixing and kneading; food processors on the other hand are into breaking and slicing through the toughest foods. They normally have a very powerful motor of about 500 to 1200 watts that help them break down solid ingredients like seeds with ease.

They usually have 2 controls setting speeds: low and high and to some there is even a pulse button to help you control the cutting speed.

Also just like food mixers; food processors also come in different types and sizes.

In case you decide to own a food processor; you can either decide to buy it separately or take advantage of the top food mixers like Kenwood Chef Titanium Stand Mixer that comes with the food processor as one of the attachments.

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