Kenwood Chef Mixer Food Mixer : Good Value for Money

If you looking for a solid, sturdy multiple award winning stand mixer then Kenwood chef food mixer is for you! But which is the best Kenwood chef mixer to go for; is it: Kenwood km336, km330,or kmc570 chef premier stand mixer – silver among others. Let us find out.

See here how Kenwood mixers compares with other best food mixers.

Top 5 Kenwood Chef Food Mixers Reviews 2017

No.PictureDetailed ReviewsBowl Size (Litre)Weight (kg)WarrantyCustomer RatingsBest Price
No.PictureDetailed ReviewsBowl Size (Litre)Weight (kg)WarrantyCustomer RatingsBest Price
1Kenwood KMC010 Chef Stand Mixer, Titanium - Silver4.6854.7
2Kenwood KM336 Chef Classic Stand Mixer in Gloss White with Liquidiser4.66-4.7
3Kenwood KMC570 Chef Premier4.6854.7
4Kenwood KM330 Stand Mixer, 4.6 Litre, 800 Watt - White4.664.8
5Kenwood kMix KMX52 Stand Mixer - Almond Cream5854.7

Kenwood kMix KMX52 – The Best Kenwood Chef Mixer

With a stylish look are the Kenwood kMix stand mixers. They come in various colour: raspberry red, peppercorn black, Barcelona strips, and the kMix KMX52 almond cream being one of them. KMix KMX52 features 500 watt motor. With kMix KMX52 you get 5 litre mixing bowl, 3 standard mixing attachments, a dust cover, a recipe book and a user manual. Above all you get 5 year warranty for peace mind. Read full kMix KMX52 review.

Cheapest Kenwood Chef Mixer

In case you are looking for the cheap but best buy Kenwood mixer; then have a look on these : Kenwood km330 classic chef mixer, km336 or kmc570. Read the detailed reviews below.

#1: Kenwood Chef Classic Mixer Km330 Review

Comes with a plastic bowl with handles is the Kenwood km330 chef classic stand mixer white. In addition to the 4.6 litre mixing bowl; you also get a recipe book, a dust cover and 3 mixing attachments (k-beater, a dough hook and a whisk).

The 3 attachments provided is all you need to start making yummy cakes, breads, biscuits and many more. While the dust cover is not dishwasher safe; the three attachments provided plus the plastic bowl are dishwasher safe.
KM330 is proudly powered by 800watts motor and has 3 power outlets that can accommodate up to 20 extra attachments. The 20 extra attachments are the accessories that you will be buying as the need arise. These include food processor, liquidiser, juicer and so forth.
The Kenwood chef mixer km330 comes with a 1 year warranty and with 4.7 customers’ star rating; the Kenwood km330 chef food mixer is real worth the price.

#2: Kenwood Chef Mixer Classic Km336 Review

Similarly to the km330 is the Kenwood km336 chef classic stand mixer whitethat also comes with 3 mixing attachments and ability to accommodate 20 more. A dust cover, a cook book and a spatula are also included with km336.
The only difference that sets the Kenwood km336 chef classic stand mixer in gloss white with liquidiser apart from km330 classic is its 4.6 mixing bowl and an addition of a 1.5litre liquidiser for smoothies. The km336 bowl is of polished stainless steel material as compared to plastic bowl.
The Kenwood classic chef km336 food mixer is also powered by 800watt motor same as km330 and also features 3 power outlets.

Kenwood Chef Mixer KMC570 Review

Kenwood kmc570 chef premier stand mixer is premium to the km330 and 336 classic. It is powered by 1000watts motor as compared to 800.
In addition to the 3 basic mixing attachments, a dust cover and a 4.6 bowl; you also get a flexi-beater and a ThermoResist blender. The heat resistant blender is time saver as it allows you to move quickly from blending hot soup to cold drinks without waiting for it to cool down.
With added functionality; kmc 570is priced about £100 more of that of km 336.

Second Hand

While it is always a good idea to buy a brand new gadget, it not bad too to try a used one. In case you now want to buy or check used one; click any of the buy now button find in this site to find out more.

The link will take you direct to amazon and thereby; you will find 2 buying options: new /used. Click used, assess the mixer, if happy with it go forward and buy it. Otherwise,you can also visit Ebay UK for more Kenwood food mixers for sale.

The brand name adds to the appeal, as spare parts are readily available. You can buy them from either Amazon, Kenwood or Ebay for best deals.

Things to Consider Before Buying Kenwood Mixer

You need to consider your kitchen worktops and size and have a good idea where you will want to position the mixer once you buy it. This is because some of the models have quite large bowls and would need ample space for you to get on with your fine dining. For instance the Kenwood kmm770 chef major premier mixer has a bowl that is 6.7 litres, so it does need some bit of space. However, if you have a smaller kitchen the small bowl might sound appealing to you. Of course the space you pick should be near the electrical plugs. You might want to consider the different colour variations .

In case you are intending to replace an old Chef mixer Kenwood, then by all means keep the accessories. Most likely the accessories will be compatible with your new gadget.

The new titanium model versions- Mega pack are also worth exploring especially if you are looking for increased functionality. They come with a number of accessories that you can get at discounted prices or whenever there are deals. You will definitely save some money by buying a mega pack version compared to if you were to buy the spare parts separately.

Where to Buy

There are various places where you can buy Kenwood mixer ranging from local shops such as Argos and Sainsbury to online shops like Ebay and Amazon UK for best price and great customer service. By simply clicking the buy now button on individual products reviewed here at coxons kitchen; You will be taken direct to Amazon unless otherwise stated differently.