Kitchenaid Artisan Food Mixer Review

Kitchenaid Artisan Food Mixer Review: I have been through the usual throes of comparing kichenaid vs Kenwood and have concluded that despite the Kenwood being top quality, the Kitchen aid is similarly up there but also quite beautiful.

  • It is powered by a motor of 300 watts which is sufficient enough to stir up all kinds of ingredients, from semi solid to liquid ingredients. You just need to shift the power level dial to the appropriate setting.
  • The artisan has a locking mechanism that holds the bowl in place in case of any spillage. It also has a lid cover that comes in handy when adding ingredients to the easy clean stainless bowl as you mix.

KitchenAid Artisan KSM150BOB Stand Mixer Black Unboxing & Review

Key Features of the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Black

The ksm150bob weights 9 kgs and its black in colour and of 34.3 x 22.2 x 36.2 cm size. The artisan mixer features an 8 litre bowl with handles.

  • It features tilt head design which enables you to effortlessly access the bowl and beaters. Meanwhile the bowl has a cleverly crafted comfort handle and a shield that reduces spaltter when pouring.
  • The kitchenaid artisan mixer has a power hub which can be used to perform different tasks like meat grinding, fruit and vegetable straining and even sausage stuffing.
  • It also features a Direct drive power motor and ten speed setting control.


The Kitchenaid artisan food mixer comes with standard attachments and accessories. These include:

  • A wire whisk,
  • A beater and,
  • A dough hook

You also get a kitchenaid artisan food mixer wipe and damp cloth. In case you need more attachments to suit your needs, you can always purchase them from Amazon.
The KitchenAid Artisan Stand mixer performs more functions than mixing only. With the help of different attachments, you can use the kitchenaid mixer artisan to grate stuff, extract juice, slice and dice solid ingredients, make pasta, grind meat and much more.
To keep the kitchenaid artisan mixer in top shape, you may have to adjust the shaft for increased productivity. This will be a minor adjustment that will take minimal time.

Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer Review


Some customers of the kitchenaid artisan ksm150 black food mixer have raised some concerns to fact that because of its built especially the location of the speed controls and the release catch which are on opposite sides such that you cannot use it up against a wall. This becomes an issue if you have a small kitchen.

  • There are also concerns that the kitchenaid artisan 5ksm150 standard attachments are not as close to the edge of the bowl as some would want it. The way around this is to buy a flex edge beater attachment.
  • The pouring shield of the kitchenaid artisan ksm150bob stand mixer black feels fiddly and can sometime let off some flour dust if not well sealed.
  • Some say that the kitchenaid artisan ksm150 mixer slow setting is not slow enough to suit their needs.


Most artisan mixers are quiet, versatile and sturdy. You can tell that they are built to last.

  • The artisan mixer kitchenaid is quite easy to clean and use. Besides that it sits beautifully on your kitchen top.
  • Kitchenaid artisan mixers work quite well and they are quite reliable. The artisan mixer colours are sure to add some beauty into your kitchen.
  • You can never go wrong with the mixer kitchenaid artisan especially when you use it to do what it does best: Making dough, whisking and mixing.
  • It is very easy to change tool with the Kitchenaid artisan mixer all you need to know is “Right On, Left Off”.
  • The kitchenaid artisan bowl sits squarely on the base to make it quite solid and unshakable. The kitchen aid artisan is well built and heavy in a reassuring way.
  • The easy sliding controls of on and off are quite intuitive. So also are the speed controls and the lever for lowering and raising the main body.
  • The kitchen aid artisan mixer is cleverly designed you will want it to show it off to friends and family.

There is no doubt as to the quality of the kitchenaid stand mixer ksm150. Make no mistake the kitchenaid mixer black is high up there with the top kitchen gadgets in the industry. The only sticking point for most people is the price. Does the kitchenaid black justify the prices it’s currently going for?

Best Price

The price range for the black kitchenaid mixer varies between 270 and 550 pounds depending on where you buy it. The attachments also vary depend on price from 25 onwards. The price really hinges on the functionality it performs.
However in spite of the black kitchenaid mixer seeming high price point, when you buy you get a durable gadget that you and your family can use for decades to come. Buying the kitchenaid artisan mixer 5ksm150psblack stand mixer is a worthwhile long term investment.
You are better off buying the kitchenaid ksm150 artisan black mixer that will last other than buying low end mixers that usually have a shelf life of two years. You will find that you will save money in the long run.
Because the kitchenaid black mixer can easily be turned into an ultimate kitchen machine, you will save by just having one top mixer that will do all your baking kneading, chopping, grinding and much more than by buying separate kitchen gadgets. The attachments are fairly priced. You will definitely save than buying different individual machines.

Kitchenaid Artisan Food Mixer Black Overall Verdict

As already demonstrated buying the kitchenaid artisan mixer will not only provide value for money but also give you a sense of satisfaction. The artisan mixer is one of those gadgets that once you buy it, whenever you look at it seated beautifully in your kitchen, you pat yourself and say good choice. It is build to last and performs at very high quality. You can never really go wrong with a product that holds the promise of lasting 30 years and more. Your fine cooking will skills be enhanced and also have a gadget you can depend on.


What do you think about the Kitchenaid Artisan Food Mixer?