Kenwood Kmm770 Review

Kenwood KMM770? The Kenwood kmm770 chef major is also considered as one of the best food mixers for a large family. But is it worth it? Let us find out.


  • Is silver in color, made up of aluminium, weighs 10kg, and of 39 x 23 x 34 cm size.
  • Comes with 6.7 litre mixing bowl just like Kenwood titanium major kmm020
  • Features 1200 watt motor
  • features 4 power outlets
  • Comes with a thermo-resist blender; same as KMC010 Kenwood and kmm020
  • Comes with a splash guard
  • Includes 3 standard mixing attachments: a dough hook, k-beater, and a whisk.
  • Features variable speed control
  • Suitable for a large family
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The video below shows you the capability and functionality of the kmm770 Kenwood.

Kenwood KMM770 Premier Major Reviews

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Kenwood kmm770 Chef Major Product Description

Unlike Kenwood chef premier kmc560; Kenwood Chef major Premier kmm770 features four power outlets, and each is optimized for a range of different preparation tasks. They include:

  • Kenwood KMM770 Chef Major Premier MixerThe bowl outlet. It allows for further attachments to be used with this outlet inclusive of the mixing tools. For example, the Kenwood kmm770 major ice cream maker. The high-speed power outlet. It is located at the top, back of the machine and allows for a variety of attachments like the Kenwood Chef kmm770 compact chopper to be used. It features a slow-speed power outlet that has been positioned behind a removable front cover. It provides a balance of high torque and slow speed to drive its specialized attachments like the pasta roller and the compact chopper.
  • Kenwood KMM770 PrezzoThis Kenwood kmm770 major Premier features a thermo-resist for smoothies, soups etc. The kmm770 major Premier thermo-resist blender uses the borosilicate glass, quite heavy thick glass. This glass has been selected specifically by the Kenwood Chef engineers because it has thermal resistance properties. This means that, with this glass you can go from blending very hot soup to blending cold drinks and ice without shattering or cracking the glass. The best part of the Kenwood major Premier mixer kmm770 heat resistant blender is that it is made in a way that you can remove blade and the bottom for cleaning.
  • Kenwood premier major kmm770 comes with a splash guard fitted that you can remove it. The chef major premier kmm770 splash guard is situated on the top of the bowl for preventing mixtures from flying all over.
  • Kenwood kmm770 Premier major includes also an electronic scales for weighing out ingredients.
  • It comes with a 180 recipe book and an instruction CD/DVD.
  • There is also a spatula included, a Kenwood Chef major Premier kmm770 registration card and a UK plug.

Kenwood kmm770 Attachments

Robot Kenwood KMM770Included with the Kenwood kmm770 Premier major mixer is the 3 standard mixing attachments: a dough hook that takes all the hard work of kneading bread out for you, stretching the flour’s gluten giving it a maximum rise. Kenwood major Premier kmm770 mixer kneads and mixes quickly and effortlessly making an elastic and smooth dough for a variety of pastries and bread,

A k-beater for sticky mixtures like cakes and pastries and a balloon shaped whisk that creates maximum volume. This mixes a lot of air, giving you a mixture a light and fluffy texture. This is good for soufflés, meringues, mousses, and cheesecakes.

There is also a wide range of more than 20 very usefully Kenwood Chef Premier kmm770 attachments like ice cream maker, meat grinder, pasta roller etc that you can buy as extras should you need them. Ability to accommodate a large number of extra attachments is a unique characteristic of most of the Kenwood chef food mixers.

Kenwood Premier Major kmm770 Review: Pros

  • Kenwood KMM770 Chef Major Premier Mixer PriceThe Kenwood Chef major kmm770 is a bit quieter than its ancestor.
  • It doesn’t take much space since it is taller than wide.
  • Kenwood KMM770 Major is easy to use and clean and it looks very good too.
  • The Kenwood major kmm770 blender attachment is great and can blend mixtures in seconds.
  • It is great value for money.
  • Kenwood major Premier kmm770 is of great quality, solid built and powerful with many optional attachments.
  • It mixes well in a short amount of time.
  • It’s very simple to use, with a variable speed control for both the mixer and liquidiser. The Kenwood major Premier kmm770 liquidiser works well enough and seems quite sturdy.
  • It is very durable. In addition, the appliance has received an average customer star rating of 96%. Kenwood kmm770 Premier has also been featured among the top stand mixers in the Amazon best seller ranks.

Kenwood kmm770 Mixer Reviews: Cons

  • Compared to Kenwood km336; Kenwood mixer kmm770 is a little bulky on the work top and a bit large to put away in the cupboard.
  • It doesn’t have an outlet for a food processor.
  • This Kenwood major is a bit loud that you’d need to raise your voice to hold a conversation; however you are not going to use it that long for it to be an issue.

So what do you think about the Kenwood KMM770 Chef Major Premier Stand Mixer?