Kenwood Km336 Review

Kenwood KM336 Review :Is the Kenwood km336 chef classic in Gloss White with Liquidiser REALLY worth the money and all the “best food mixer EVER” hype? Let us find out. (this km336 mixer is currently unavailable on Amazon. Alternatively check the Kenwood km330 stand mixer )


  • This Kenwood chef classic features 800 watt motor same as Kenwood km330 stand mixer
  • It has 2 power outlets
  • includes a 1.5 litre blender
  • Comes with are 3 basic mixing attachments: flexi beater, a whisk and a dough hook that are not dishwasher safe.
  • Comes with a 4.6 litre mixing bowl same as Kenwood Chef KMC010, kmc570 and km330.
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Kenwood KM336 Review

The Kenwood km336 mixer in gloss white with liquidiser is great for both beginners and established cook alike. It has been featured in many reviews as one of the best Kenwood Chef mixers so far and is the number one Amazon best seller in the stand mixer category.

Here is the Kenwood km336 best price so far.

Is this info good enough to make you buy this Kenwood chef mixer? What about continue reading to the end to find out more about the km336 .

Kenwood KM336 Chef Classic Stand Mixer Reviews: Product Description

  • Kenwood KM336 Chef Classic Stand Mixer ReviewsKenwood km336 classic chef stand is white in color, made up of aluminium and plastic, weighs 6kg, and of 39 x 23.5 x 29 cm size.
  • It features 800 watt motor that is quite adequate for daily cooking needs.
  • The km336 features 8 speeds and a pulse function that gives you a bit more control over the speed to which the ingredients get mixed.
  • It has 2 power outlets: low speed outlet for attachments like mincer and high speed outlet for attachments like liquidiser and shredder. The Kenwood km336 Chef classic stand mixer power outlets are there to assist the chef mixer take more additional attachments
  • Kenwood km336 classic chef stand mixer also features a huge 4.6 litre stainless steel mixing bowl . The bowl has a splash guard with a hinged lid that allows other ingredients to be added without stopping the km336. Another use of the km336 Kenwood splash protector is for preventing mixtures from flying everywhere while mixing.
  • A great flexible spatula also comes with Kenwood classic km336 to assist you put the mix into a baking tray.
  • Kenwood km336 chef classic kitchen machine also includes a 1.5 litre blender. The liquidiser is made of acrylic but fairly thick capable of blending many things from soups to smoothies but not recommended for ice.
  • In addition the Kenwood km336 chef food mixer- white comes with a comprehensive recipe book with 180 recipes included, although for some of the recipes you need to buy additional accessories. The Kenwood 336 mixer cook book also offers instructions and information regarding all the available attachments and how to use them.

Click to download Kenwood km336 manual.

Kenwood km336 Attachments

Kenwood KM336 Chef ClassicThere are 3 basic attachments that come with the brand new Kenwood km336 chef mixer classic white: flexi beater for cakes mashed potatoes, pastries etc, balloon whisk for whisking eggs, batter etc and dough hook for kneading.

There are also more than 20 attachments that you can buy from Amazon or Kenwood as needs arise such as the Kenwood km336 food mixer ice cream maker, meat grinder, pasta roller, shredder to mention but a few.
The Kenwood km336 chef food mixer package also comes with a spanner and instructions for adjusting the mixing attachments to enhance them reach slightly close to the bottom of the bowl for thorough mixing.

Note that proper attachments adjustment is necessary to getting good results.

In additional to this the supplied attachments are not dishwasher safe; you just need to wash them manually with warm water and washing liquid.

With Kenwood classic chef km336 food mixer you also get a 1.5 litre liquidiser attachment for soups and smoothies.

Kenwood KM336 Chef Classic Review :Cons

  • The Kenwood Chef km336 attachments are not dishwasher safe.
  • The liquidiser can be a bit tricky fitting it, as there it a bit of resistance when trying to lock it onto the Kenwood km336.
  • It is quite noisy in operation.
  • There are lots of attachments to add on, but they are quite pricey.
  • It does not come with a food processor attachment; whereas the Kenwood KMM020 and Kenwood kmc010 chef titanium stand mixer do have food processor included.

Kenwood KM336 Reviews : Pros

  • The Kenwood km336 kenwood chef is excellent, sturdy and versatile as it comes with a liquidizer and great option of adding extra attachments later .
  • Easy to use, clean and powerful enough to cope with 2kg of wholemeal bread dough.
  • The Kenwood km336 classic chef kitchen machine price at Amazon is just amazing considerably cheaper than elsewhere. It is actually very good value for money.
  • Its dough hook and the plastic top that stops mixing food from flying out are great extras.

You can buy Kenwood chef km336 at Amazon for the best price and first class customer service.

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