Tefal Kitchen Machine Review

Tefal Kitchen Machine Review? There are 2 best selling Tefal mixers sold at Amazon:Tefal QB403D40 Kitchen Machine and Tefal Kitchen Machine Compact with Blender attachment?

But which one is worth it? Let us find out.

Hotpoint Food Mixer Reviews

The Hotpoint food mixer also referred to as the Hotpoint Multi-Functional Kitchen Machine is a compact stylish stand mixer with UK free delivery.

It comes with a 5 litre stainless steel mixing bowl that is of ample size for mixing, easy to remove and easy to clean.

It has a little LED light under the motor head that illuminates the bowl while it is mixing and has a large handle on the bowl that makes it easy detach it from the machine.

Abode Food Mixer Review

The Abode Food Mixer Review? There are 2 Abode stand mixers sold at amazon namely: Abode 2-in-1 Hand and Stand Mixer with Bowl, 3 Litres, 200 Watt white and the Abode Stand Mixer with Bowl, 4 Litre, 550 Watt, White.

These Abode mixers are great for lightweight task like mixing, beating, whipping and mashing.

But which one is the best; let us find out

Andrew James Food Mixer Reviews

Andrew James Food Mixer

The Andrew James Food Mixer is one of the best food mixers out there. Generally there are 3 Andrew James Mixers in the UK market right Now. And these are : The Andrew James multifunctional mixer, the Andrew James 800W Food Stand Mixer and the Andrew James electric food stand mixer. These mixers come in red, cream , silver and black colors to match with your lifestyle.

See the comparison table below.

Breville Food Mixer Reviews

Breville Food Mixer Reviews? There are 3 Breville mixers that seems to perform very well in the market: Breville SHM2 Twin Hand and Stand Mixer, white , Breville Digital Twin Motor and the Breville Pick and Mix , Pistachio.

Top 3 Breville Food Mixers 2017

Bosch Food Mixer Review

Bosch Food Mixer Review ? There are 2 Best Bosch Mixers sold at Amazon: Bosch mum46a1 food mixer anthracite/silver finish, and the Bosch MUM52120 Styline Kitchen Machine, 700 Watt, White/Grey

But, which one is good value for money? Let us find out.

Vonshef Food Mixer Reviews

VonShef Food Mixer Reviews? Find 3 best Vonshef stand mixers to help you decide which is the best one is worth it. Is it the Vonshef stand mixer 5.5 litre silver or the Vonshef 1200w stand mixer red.

Kenwood KMix Stand Mixer Reviews

Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer

The Kenwood kmix stand mixer is one of the best selling, top rated food mixers UK. Comes with a 5 year guarantee . But is this Kenwood kmix kmx52g worth it? Let us find out.


The Kenwood kmix stand mixer features a see through 4.6 litre glass bowl
Its bowl has handles as compared to Kitchenaid K45SS.
Features a powerful 500watt motor vs 300watts of the best selling Kitchenaid K45SS
Comes with a pouring shield and a 5 litre stainless steel bowl
Includes a 3 non stick bowl attachments: balloon whisk, dough hook and K beater

Sage Scraper Mixer Pro Reviews

Sage Scraper Mixer Pro Reviews? The Scraper mixer pro is is one of the best food mixers that are suitable for a medium family family. It comes with a wide variety of accessories: scraper beater, standard flat beater, dough hook, wire whisk, splash guard and spatula, all designed to be extra wide to for added reach and consistency.

AEG Km4000 Ultramix Food Mixer Reviews

AEG Km4000 Ultramix Food Mixer Reviews? The Km4000 Ultramix Food Mixer comes in 2 colors to choose from: Tungsten Metallic Gloss and Watermelon Red. Apart from this; the AEG km4000 ultramix just like Kenwood Chef also comes with 5 year warranty for peace of mind.
But is this AEG km4000 ultramix kitchen machine worth it? Let us find out.

Kenwood Chef Premier Mixer Reviews

Kenwood Premier Chef KMC577 Reviews: When we talk about food mixers; we sometimes find ourselves concentrating only on their main functions: mixing, whipping and kneading. But food stand mixers can actually do more than that. Let’s explore this by examining the Kenwood chef premier kmc577 reviews. (this mixer is currently unavailable on Amazon; alternatively check the best selling  Kenwood kmix stand mixer).