Food Mixers And Blenders

Food Mixers and Blenders

Find 5 food mixers and blenders in one? I mean food mixers with blender. Otherwise; you can also check individual top 5 best food mixers reviews or the top 5 best blenders UK 2017.

With the best food mixer and blender in one; you will be able to whisk, mix, make dough and blend food ingredients with the same kitchen machine to make breads, cakes, soup, smoothies, sauces and more.

Below is our top 5 best food mixers and blenders we found of 2017:

Top 5 Electric Food Mixers And Blenders Combined UK 2017

#1: Kenwood KHH326WH MultiOne, 1000 W – White

The  Kenwood multione khh326 stand mixer is a multifunctional food mixer that comes as a stand mixer, a blender, a food processor, a juicer and a mincer.

Let us address the 2 features that we are more interested with ‘food mixer’ and a ‘blender’

As a food mixer; the Kenwood khh326 comes with a 4.3 brushed stainless steel mixing bowl with 3 mixing tools: a dough hook, k-beater and whisk. This is all you need to make cake mixtures, pizza or bread dough and anything else that needs whisking, beating and or mixing. You also get a splashguard to protect messing up the worktop.

As a blender it comes with a 1.2litre glass blender for making smoothies, soups, pancake mixtures and anything else that needs blending.

The multione features 1000watts powerful motor and 6 variable speed settings. It weighs 5.3kg relatively light.

The machine can transform from one appliance to another effortlessly. It uses one dial with a central hub.

#2: Bosch MUM52120GB Styline Kitchen Machine Food Mixer, 700 W – White/Grey

The Bosch MUM52120GB Styline Kitchen Machine Food Mixer is one of the best Bosch food mixers with blenders. It has great feedback from people who bought it. But what is this stand mixer and what makes it different from other best food mixers with blenders? Let us find out.

The Bosch styline kitchen machine is one of the multifunctional food mixers. It comes as a stand mixer, food processor, blender, and citrus press.

As a food mixer the Bosch’s MUM52120 comes with a decent size 3.9 litre stainless steel mixing bowl, a dough hook for kneading ,  whisk for making whipping creams and cake mixtures and a silicone sided beater  for mixing and beating eggs.  When in action the styline attachments move in 3D motion around the bowl making sure that all ingredients are mixed properly.

The attachments are slanted hence provide excellent bowl coverage with little to no need of scraping the bowl sides every time. You also get a transparent plastic splashguard with a hole for adding extra ingredients and an accessory bag for storing provided attachments.

As a food processor, the mum52120 comes with 4 discs: rasping, slicing, shredding and grating discs for slicing vegetables, grating cheese, shredding meat and more.

All parts are dishwasher safe

The machine has 4 speed settings, a powerful 700watts motor and rubber suction feet that keeps it in place while in use. It is easy to use and clean and does not occupy much space in the worktop.

You can use it to make bread and pizza dough, meringue, cake mixtures, smoothie, soups, slicing vegetables, grating cheese and more.


  • You have to read the user manual to know how to set and operate it properly as wrong settings will not make it work.
  • You need to register your gadget to claim 2 year warranty.

All in all, the Bosch MUM52120GB Styline Kitchen Machine Food Mixer is worth it. It is sturdy, stylish, replaces many kitchen appliances in one unit and hence saves you a lot of storage spaces.

#3: Bosch MUM57830GB Food Mixer, 900 W, 3.9 L – Brushed Stainless Steel

The Bosch MUM57830GB Food Mixer is also a multifunction stand mixer that includes a food processor, blender and citrus press.

As a stand mixer; the Bosch mum57830gb comes with 3 standard attachments: a whisk, dough hook and beater that move in 3d motion while in operation to make sure everything is mixed properly.

You also get a transparent lid with filler hole, accessory bag and an instructional manual. The mum57830gb also comes with a 3.9 litre brushed stainless steel bowl.

As a food processor the Bosch stand mixer comes with a number of discs for slicing vegetables, grating cheese, shredding chicken and more.

And as a blender you get a 1.2 litre plastic blender for making smoothies, soups and sauces.

The mixer has 7 speed settings, a pulse function and all its attachments are dishwasher safe.

#4: Kenwood KMC010 Chef Titanium

The Kenwood kmc010 Chef Titanium is of no difference to the Kitchen aid classic; it is made to last longer. However, you get more with KMC010. With KMC010 you get a very big bowl of 4.6 litre.

You also get 3 standard mixing attachments in addition to a food processor and a heat resistant blender. The kmc010 is powered by 1400watts powerful motor to make your food preparation a delight.

Above all, you get 5 years guarantee for peace of mind. If you like the kmc010; there is chance that you might like the Kenwood kmc015 with glass bowl the most.

#5:Bosch MUM46A1 Food Mixer – Anthracite/Silver

With a plastic body and a 3.9 mixing bowl is the Bosch MUM46A1. It is one of the best food mixer under 200.

As other kitchen machines; Bosch MUM46A1 also comes with 3 mixing attachments (a dough hook, a balloon whisk and a beater).

On top of this you also get a blender, chopping equipments, citrus press, recipe book and accessories holder.

You have to make sure that the bowl is full attached to the MUM46A1 for it to function well. Bosch MUM46A1 is powered by 550 watts motor.

Food Mixers vs Blenders

Food Mixer

Best Food MixerSo what is a food mixer anyway? Here are a few definitions from online which clearly defines what a food mixer real is:

A mixer is a kitchen utensil which uses a gear-driven mechanism to rotate a set of beaters in a bowl containing the food to be prepared. It automates the repetitive tasks of stirring, whisking or beating. When the beaters are replaced by a dough hook, a mixer may also be used to knead. (source:

A food mixer is a piece of electrical equipment that is used to mix food such as cake mixture. (source:

To put it as simply as possible – a food mixer is a small kitchen appliance that is being used to aid the process of beating , whisking, mixing and kneading food ingredients automatically.

It is a handy kitchen appliance for busy people, for chefs, for a big family, for people who want to hone their culinary skills and even for people who just love everything cooking.

As you might be aware for instance making cake mixtures or kneading dough for making pizza or bread for a large family can take a great amount of time but, with the food mixer it is just a matter of few minutes if not seconds.

You just need to get the right food mixer for your needs; and with most food mixers coming with a recipe book to get you started – cooking becomes even more fun than ever before.

Types of food mixers

There are mainly 2 types of food mixers: hand mixers and stand mixers. While hand mixers are for beating, mixing and kneading small batches; stand mixers on the other hand are meant for handling large amount of ingredients.

Example these Andrew James food mixers can handle up to 2kg of ingredients per time.


Both hand mixers and stand mixers come with 3 main attachments: beaters for beating eggs or creams, whisk for whisking or adding air to cake mixtures and a dough hook for kneading.

Some of the stand mixers are multi-functional meaning that they can handle more than their primary tasks of beating, mixing and kneading.

The multi-functional food mixers tend to have extra attachments like a food processor, blender, mincer, pasta makers and many more. Some of these additional attachments come as a part of a stand mixer package and others need to be bought separately when needs arise.

Here are examples of the best attachments for a Kitchenaid mixer that can be bought separately.

Easy to use and setup

Most of the food mixers reviewed in this site are easy to assemble, use and clean. They features variable speed control settings in which you have to read the user manual provided to know which speed is best for which type of ingredients.

What can you use a food mixer for?

You can use a food mixer for beating, whisking and mixing ingredients needed to making bread, cakes and pastries.

And if you end up buying the multifunction food mixer depending on which extra attachments you get. You can use it to make smoothies, soups, pasta and much more.

Best Brands

There are many food mixers brands in the market right now such as Bosch, Vonshef,  Breville, Morphy Richards and many others but the 2 leading brands are Kenwood and Kitchenaid. You will find a great range of colors and designs to fit your kitchen needs and style.


Food mixers prices range from £15 for a hand mixer to up to £600 for a multi-functional stand mixer.

With a budget of between £100 and £200; you are sure of getting the best food mixer that can handle most of the tasks at affordable price.

Check for instance the Bosch food mixers; they are multifunctional but are quite cheap compared to the Kenwood Chef Mixers.

Don’t forget however that high end mixers like Kenwood and Kitchenaid have ability to take more extra attachments than any other stand mixers in the market today.


Food Mixers will no doubt save you time and bring fun to your fine cooking and baking.

They also provide consistency due to the electric motor for best results. They are meant for people who want to make their life a bit easier or hone their culinary skills. They also provide you with the choice to transform into a one stop ultimate machine to cater for most if not all your cooking needs. You do this by adding more accessories.

Blender / Smoothie Maker

Best BlenderBlenders and smoothies makers are more or less the same. The key difference is that smoothies maker has a tap attached to the jug you use to pour smoothie. Blenders do much more than smoothies. You are better off buying a quality blender that a smoothie because it does much more than what a smoothie maker does.

Why Blenders

Blenders are great at helping you achieve ’10 a day’ equivalent to 800g a day of fruits and vegetables.

As you might be aware United Kingdom is one of the countries that promote a ‘World Health Organisation (WHO)’ campaign of eating at least 10 portions a day of fruits and vegetables each day. Previously it was ‘5 a day’ .

Studies indicate that eating ’10 a day’ helps reducing diet related chronic diseases and gives longer lives.

Types of Blenders

There are 2 main types of blenders:

An immersion blender also called a handheld or a stick blender

An immersion blender also called handheld or a stick blender is a kitchen appliance in which using it involves immersing it into the food mixture, turning it on and let it do its job. It can be used for making soups, mayonnaise, whipped cream and even making baby food. It is handheld, easy to use and very cheap in price compared to the jug blenders.

The immersion blender is quite handy as it allows you to blend even hot food in its own pot. To make sure everything is blended properly; make sure to whirl the blender around the pot.

Countertop blender also called jar or jug blender

Countertop blender also called jar or jug blender is a kitchen appliance with a blending container.

Compared to the stick blenders where you have to insert a blender in the food mixture; with the jug blenders, you have to add the food mixture into the jar to be mixed.

The Countertop blending container can be of glass, plastic or stainless steel materials with the one with glass materials being more expensive compared to others e.g. Vitamix.

Jug blenders are more versatile, featuring various speed control settings and many more add-ons like cups .

You can use the jug blender to make smoothies, soups, sauces, frozen desserts and more.


Blenders’ prices range from £15 to £800 with the type of blender, materials used, accompanied attachments, the brand and your personal needs and budget determines the blender you end up buying.

 Best Brands

The best blender brands in the market today include Ninja, Nutribullet, Brevile, Vitamix and Magimix to mention but are few.


Has our Food Mixers And Blenders buying guide help you get what you were looking for?