Food Mixers

Best Food MixerSo what is a food mixer anyway? To put it as simply as possible – a  food mixer is a small kitchen appliance that is being used to aid the process of beating , whisking, mixing and kneading food ingredients .

It is a handy kitchen appliance for busy people, for chefs, for a big family, for people who want to hone their culinary skills and even for people who just love everything cooking.

Check the top 5 best food mixer reviews UK 2017.

As you might be aware for instance making cake mixtures or kneading dough for making pizza or bread for a large family can take a great amount of time but, with the food mixer it is just a matter of few minutes if not seconds.

You just need to get the right food mixer for your needs; and with most food mixers coming with a recipe book to get you started – cooking becomes even more fun than ever before.

Types of food mixers

There are mainly 2 types of food mixers: hand mixers and stand mixers. While hand mixers are for beating, mixing and kneading small batches; stand mixers on the other hand are meant for handling large amount of ingredients.

Example these Andrew James food mixers can handle up to 2kg of ingredients per time.


Both hand mixers and stand mixers come with 3 main attachments: beaters for beating eggs or creams, whisk for whisking or adding air to cake mixtures and a dough hook for kneading.

Some of the stand mixers are multi-functional meaning that they can handle more than their primary tasks of beating, mixing and kneading.

The multi-functional food mixers tend to have extra attachments like a food processor, blender, mincer, pasta makers and many more. Some of these additional attachments come as a part of a stand mixer package and others need to be bought separately when needs arise.

Here are examples of the best attachments for a Kitchenaid mixer that can be bought separately.

Easy to use and setup

Most of the food mixers reviewed in this site are easy to assemble, use and clean. They features variable speed control settings in which you have to read the user manual provided to know which speed is best for which type of ingredients.

What can you use a food mixer for?

You can use a food mixer for beating, whisking and mixing ingredients needed to making bread, cakes and pastries.

And if you end up buying the multifunction food mixer depending on which extra attachments you get. You can use it to make smoothies, soups, pasta and much more.

Best Brands

There are many food mixers brands in the market right now such as Bosch, Vonshef, Breville, Morphy Richards and many others but the 2 leading brands are Kenwood and Kitchenaid. You will find a great range of colors and designs to fit your kitchen needs and style.


Food mixers prices range from £15 for a hand mixer to up to £600 for a multi-functional stand mixer.

With a budget of between £100 and £200; you are sure of getting the best food mixer that can handle most of the tasks at affordable price.

Check for instance the Bosch food mixers; they are multifunctional but are quite cheap compared to the Kenwood Chef Mixers.

Don’t forget however that high end mixers like Kenwood and Kitchenaid have ability to take more extra attachments than any other stand mixers in the market today.


Food Mixers will no doubt save you time and bring fun to your fine cooking and baking.

They also provide consistency due to the electric motor for best results. They are meant for people who want to make their life a bit easier or hone their culinary skills. They also provide you with the choice to transform into a one stop ultimate machine to cater for most if not all your cooking needs. You do this by adding more accessories.

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