Why Are Food Mixers So Expensive

Why Are Food Mixers So Expensive is one of the questions we receive here at coxons kitchen UK. People are wondering why high end kitchen mixers like Kenwood and Kitchenaid are so pricey £200- £700. Even Andrew James cost about £79.

Are they really worth it?

Don’t forget you can also get the best food mixer for less than £50. (Check Breville shm2 &Morphy Richards folding stand mixer)

I have been reviewing food mixers for some time now! And, I am in a good position to answer your questions: And here is why food mixers are so expensive?


As you might be aware most of the high end kitchen machines like Kenwood food mixers are equipped to perform more than one task: Mixing, Grinding, Blending, Processing and so forth.

They come with a bunch of attachments to make your food preparation time a delight. The more attachments you get the more you pay on the first buy.

For instance if you are going to buy Kenwood kmc 010 today; you will get not only a stand mixer but also a blender and a food processor attachments included. Apart from these you also have ability in future to add more than 20 extra attachments: meat grinder, shredder, grain mill, mincer, pasta maker/roller etc. And also the ability to adjust the attachments for efficient mixing; and hence you pay more than £200 (Worth it???).


If you buy Andrew James Mixer today; you only get a stand mixer or if you go for a high end Andrew James multifunctional; you will get also a meat grinder as an add-on and that is it. With less to no attachments you pay less than £100 for your food mixer.

Not all: There is more than functionalities that justifies the money you end pay for your food mixer and this is—


Is your stand mixer made of plastic, polished/brushed aluminium or solid aluminium? This also determines whether you pay high or less. What about the attachments?

The type of material used, the number of power outlets (3, 4, 6 etc) , the motor power (800watt, 1400watt etc), the finish, and how durable are the material used etc justifies the money you end up pay.


The ability to last longer also determines the price you pay. With high end mixers like kmc010 you get 5 years warranty for peace of mind backed with high level of customer’s satisfaction to justify the investment cost.

Will you better buy one that is expensive but claimed to last long or buy cheap twice???


The well established the Brand the more money you pay. The trust, the love and the brand connection to the wider community justifies Why Are Food Mixers So Expensive to buy.