Magimix 4200xl Review

The Magimix 4200XL Food Processor, Satin is a premium product for the large and joint families. Not only for large and joint families but it ideally helps all types of families very much.

The Magimix 18434 4200XL Food Processor, Satincan be used to prepare tasty soups, mind blowing milk shakes, smoothies etc. It has a large tube which can be used for processing the large pieces of vegetables too. It is the only 3 – in one food processor available which is most liked by the users. There are plenty of other features which people are badly looking for. Not only it comes with good features but it also has a cool look pleasing the buyer’s eyes.

Magimix Food Processor – 3200XL, 4200XL, 5200XL

Magimix 4200xl Food Processor Reviews

Here are the major features, pros, cons and other details about Magimix food processor 4200XL .

Magimix 4200xl Food Mixer


One of the best product manufacturing place in the world is France. Magimix 18434 4200XL Food Processor, Satin is also a product with a certified manufacture in France. The high quality and technology is specificity of France food processor.

  • Simple usage by just 3 – buttons to access all functions.
  • Processing includes 28 functions like mixing, chopping, blending, pureeing, whisking, etc.


  • Tough to get easily because of heavy orders.
  • Price may be also a factor to look at.


Features and Description

  • This is a multifunctioning machine with top class features.
  • Triton mini bowl of 1.2L for small amount of food processing.
  • The mini bowl is also provided with mini blades to chop small particles.
  • 2.6L mid bowl especially to capture early sliced or grated fruits.
  • 3L large bowl for the larger quantity processing.
  • A patented dough blade will enable the professional standard kneading.
  • An extra knife blade for chopping and other activities.
  • You can easily whisk the egg and other blending materials for deserts etc.
  • Automatic motor to adjust the speed for varied tasks.
  • 950 watt induction motor (230 V / 50 Hz) with ultra-quiet design.
  • Magimix 18434 cuisine system.
  • Easily performs 2 mm and 4 mm slicing by stainless steel Sabatier disc.
  • A spatula will be provided for the proper cleaning of machine.


There are plenty of positive reviews in the websites. The users have given it a 5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and other online portals. The market of this product is building day by day. Here are some of the points that the satisfied users have mentioned in their reviews.

  • Quality of the product was highlighted.
  • The sharpness of the blades were happily praised.
  • Users can also mentioned that it’s not much delicate.
  • They have saved their maximum amount of time with the use of this machine.
  • Easy to process large scale and small scale food.
  • Many have gifted this machine to their wives and make them feel joyful.
  • It has reached the expectation of all the user to a great extent.
  • The only minus point mentioned by all is about cleaning.They have mentioned it needs more time and care to clean this Magimix food processor 4200xl.

Expert advice

Experts have checked and gave a tick mark for marketing. They have mentioned about the great quality of the motor manufactured in France. From that expert advice a warranty of 3 – years for the appliances and 30 – year for the induction motor is been happily given.


  • Provided with small, mid and max bowls to easily cook in any of the quantities.
  • All bows are ultra – strong and unbreakable.
  • Vegetables, fruits, and many other raw materials can be processed in Magimix 18434 4200XL Food Processor, Satin.
  • The blades are sharp and strong enough to make you work pretty easy.
  • Not just one function but will help you in taking care of 28 kitchen activities.
  • Just 3 – simple buttons will make the user very simple to use.
  • Automatic motor does not need manual power to decrease or increase the speed.
  • 3 – Year manufacture warranty for appliances and Magimix 4200xl accessories.f
  • The induction motor has a guarantee period which continues for 30 – years from the purchase.
  • Magimix processor recipe book is also gifted with 100 cookery ideas.
  • An express customer support and service.
  • The package of Magimix 4200xl satin includes Stainless steel blade, Blender Mix, Dough blade, Egg Wisk, 2mm slicing/grating disc, 4mm slicing/grating disc, Spatula, Parmesan disc, Storage box.


  • It is so quick in a way that it can overbeat the eggs; if you can handle the eggs with hand mixer that will be fine.

4200xl Magimix Overall Verdict

Magimix 18434 Food Processor, Satin is recommended for smart working people more than hard workers. Who wants to leave an offer with 3 – years manufacture and 30 – years of motor warranty?

What do you think abou the Magimix 4200XL Food Processor; 3 – in one food processor?