Which Kenwood Chef Should I Buy?

Ever asked yourself, ‘Which Kenwood Chef to Buy or Which Kenwood Chef Should i Buy ? Here is the answer.

I have been researching Kenwood Chef and the various models in their range for a while ranging from :Kenwood Chef Major, Kenwood Titanium Chef, Kenwood Cooking Chef to Kenwood Chef Classic.

I hope my findings will help you make an informed choice on the model you finally decide to choose. For the purposes of this review, let us explore the four key models among the wide range of Kenwood chef mixers.

There are a number of different models available around the world, and this article will introduce you to the four main models of Kenwood Chef Food Mixers available in the UK.

Which Kenwood Chef to Buy?

Should we research all Kenwood kitchen Chef? There is a chance of overwhelm if you took the task of exploring all the models produced by this manufacturer. However from experience, there are four Best Kenwood Mixers mainly sold in the UK. The other models are either different versions of these four or those sold without warranty.

The four key mixers in the Kenwood chef range are:

  1. Kenwood Cooking Chef Major.
  2. Kenwood Chef Titanium.
  3. Cooking Chef Kenwood.
  4. Kenwood Classic Chef.

The Kenwood Major Chef KMM770 and the Kenwood KMC010 are more or less similar. The main difference is the motor size and bowl. The Kenwood kitchen Chef Titanium KMC010 has a smaller motor and a bigger bowl.

The Kenwood Chef Cooking (KM070 & KM069) are high end products with increased functionality. So what exactly differentiates the different models from each other?

Kenwood Chef Mixer Reviews

A number of details and variants separate the four different models. These are:

  • The power of the motor in Watts (W)
  • The size of the bowl (capacity), is it a 6.7 litre or 4.6?
  • The quality of material used especially for the attachments and bowls
  • The range and functionality of accessories that accompany the model
  • How the power outlets are configured. Do the they make the model to be compatible with many other accessories?

Apart from these four models, there are other variants based on colour that closely mirror the four I have already mentioned. These are :

  1. KM353.
  2. KM355.
  3. KM357.
  1. Kitchen Chef Kenwood A701a.

For the remaining versions, it’s a matter of which one comes with more attachments to suit your specifications. Here is the kicker: which one of these Chef Kenwood is heads and above the rest and yet moderately priced.

Which Kenwood Chef is Best?

Sometimes it might seem like buying a Mixer Kenwood Chef is more or less like buying a car. You have to consider things like the engine motor, the attachments, accessories and material used and the trim. Trouble is, not everything is configured and straight forward as you might want it. You have to work out what actually fits your needs to get that perfect product of your choice. By the end of the day the best one is the one that is within your budget.

The four main models we explore here range from a couple hundred quid to slightly under five hundred quid. At the outset this might seem like a lot of money but this gadget belongs to that league of products which whenever you use it, you will always pat yourself with satisfaction and say “money well spent”. On a general note, you will pay slightly more for the type of material used in the gadget, the power and more power outlets. For instance a 800W motor will be slightly cheaper than the 1500W. The more pricy mixers use more sturdy material and the finish is also more polished than the less costly ones. For example, whereas the Classic Kenwood Chef is built using plastic and cast die aluminium, the Kenwood Titanium Chef Mixer range uses solid aluminium with no plastic.

The high end Kenwood Chef Major Titanium: Kenwood Titanium Chef km010 and the Kenwood Chef Major Titanium km020 are both sold with a food processor and juice extractor attached to them. They also have a medium speed feature in their outlets that works really well with food processors. The Kenwood Chef Titanium Major also come with a thermoresist blender. Meanwhile the Kenwood km336 Classic Chef and the Kenwood Premier Chef KMC570 have only slow and high speed.

The quality of the accessories also differs depending on the price. The blender that forms part of the accessories in the Kenwood Chef classic mixer is made from plastic material while the blender in the chef titanium is made of glass. The food processor attached to the titanium and chef premier is quite solid. Most customer reviews say glowing things about it, so when you buy a high end Kenwood you also get a quality food processor as well.

The bigger and studier the mixer is the more costly it becomes.

Kenwood Chef Attachments, Accessories & Spares

All the Kenwood Chef Mixers come with 3 basic attachments: a dough hook, k-beater and a balloon whisk.

There are more than 20 additional attachments that you can buy at any time ranging from mincer, shredder, ice-cream maker, pasta roller, potato peeler, juice extractor, liquidiser and many more. You will need also to buy Kenwood Chef cover to keep your stand mixer from accumulating dust.

What I like about Kenwood appliances is that they don’t keep changing the way that attachments fit to their machines and often attachments can be used on more than one machine.

Kenwood Chef Recipes

All Kenwood Chef mixers come with Kenwood Chef recipe book. You can also download Kenwood Recipe App for free here (http://www.kenwoodworld.com/en-int/cooking/kenwood-app).
Meta: Ever asked yourself, ‘which kenwood chef should i buy ‘ or ”which kenwood chef is best ? Here is the answer.I have been researching various Kenwood…

Top 3 Best Kenwood Chef Mixers

No.PictureDetailed ReviewsBowl Size (Litre)Weight (kg)WarrantyCustomer RatingsBest Price
No.PictureDetailed ReviewsBowl Size (Litre)Weight (kg)WarrantyCustomer RatingsBest Price
1Kenwood kMix KMX52g Stand Mixer - Almond Cream5854.7
2Kenwood KM330 Stand Mixer, 4.6 Litre, 800 Watt - White4.664.8
3Kenwood KMC010 Chef Stand Mixer, Titanium - Silver4.6854.7