Kenwood KMix Stand Mixer Reviews

Are you looking for a very stylish yet powerful food mixer? Or just indecision as to whether you should go for the Kitchenaid food mixer or the Kenwood kMix?.Well the Kenwood kmix stand mixer,is worth it.

KMX52 Highlights

  • Comes with a 5 year guarantee
  • Its bowl has handles as compared to Kitchenaid K45SS.
  • Features a powerful 500watt motor as compared to 300watts of the best selling Kitchenaid K45SS
  • Comes with a pouring shield and a 5 litre stainless steel bowl
  • Includes a 3 non stick bowl attachments: balloon whisk, dough hook and K beater.

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Kenwood KMix Stand Mixer Reviews: Key Features

The sleek design of the Kenwood kmix stand mixer is considered as a ‘piece of art’. It permits self expression inside the kitchen while keeping the Kenwood’s functionality to create a remarkable outcome.

  • The 500W robust motor has voltaic speed control, providing its machine a soft and quiet start function that enhances the speed gently.
  • Rotational mixing action and special fold function are basic parts of the kMix stand mixer. The fold movement provides the user a soft hand when air reservation is the main element to a successful recipe.
  • The Kenwood kmix stand mixer includes a 3 non stick bowl attachments: balloon whisk, dough hook and K beater for all the mixing necessity.
  • It has 2 robust outlets permitting the possibility of optional easy to access and extreme quality attachments. This permits more activities to be done in your kitchen such as grinding, pasta making and mincing, to name a few.
  • Its amazing stand alone color coordinated the Liquidizer or the Glass Blender, which is also included as an additional purchase to integrate the set and its iconic and sleek kMix classy look

The Kenwood kmix comes with 5 year guarantee; you just need to register the product online to avail it. Kenwood Food Mixers are made as an investment, making sure that their users will enjoy their long lasting kitchen equipment.


Kenwood kMix KMX52The kMix mixer is sworn that it is not only stylish in appearance but it is also very easy to operate.

All of its attachments are utilized at the front of the mixer, providing users an easy and quick to fit.
With a 5 liter stainless steel bowl, rotational action and 500 watt power, this cream food mixer with bowl will surely work with huge quantities excellently.

For sensitive mixing, the unit has an exclusive folding action that enables mixing at a very slow speed, permitting all the ingredients to be perfectly blended without releasing air that is very essential for baking mixtures.
Kenwood kmix carries together function and form, guaranteeing the simplest to the most permissive recipe can be produced.


The Kenwood kmix stand mixer comes with 3 dishwasher safe and non stick mixing tools:

  • K Beater – excellent for making pastry, slowly mixing ingredients together and creaming cake mixtures.
  • Balloon Whisk – excellent for making foamy whipped ingredients and a
  • Dough Hook – perfectly blend ingredients to make an elastic soft dough.


First Kenwood kmix stand mixer is cheaper than the best selling Kitchenaid mixer, its mixing bowl is 0.3 litre bigger than that of the Kitchenaid k45.

Kitchenaid k45ss bowl has no handles while Kenwood kmix kmx52 – mixer – 500w bowl has handles. As if this is not enough the Kenwood kmix mixer kmx52 comes with a 5 year guarantee compared to 2 years warranty of the best selling kitchenaid.

In addition to this the Kenwood kmx52 500 watt kmix stand mixer has a powerful 500watt motor compared to 300watt motor of the best selling Kitchenaid k45ss.

Previously the Kitchenaid K45SS didn’t come with a splash guard but currently both Kenwood kmix kmx52 stand mixer and kitchenaid have this, the most useful feature, the pouring shield for preventing food spillage.

Customers’ Feedback

The Kenwood KMix Stand Mixer is rated by users 4.7 stars out of 5 from Users approve the elegant and sleek design of this mixer for it fits any kitchen design besides having the best quality stand mixer they ever have. For the kMix stand mixer best price