Kenwood Kmc560 Review

Kenwood KMC560 Review? The Kenwood Chef Premier kmc560 is silver in color, weighs 8kg and of 39 x 23 x 28.5 cm. It is an excellent size mixer for a medium sized family. But is this kmc560 worth it? Let us figure out. (this mixer is currently unavailable on Amazon; alternatively check its latest version, the Kenwood kmc570


  • kmc560 comes with a 4.6 litre bowl same as Kenwood kmc010, Kenwood km336, km330 and kmc570
  • Powered by 1000 watt motor
  • Features three power outlets
  • Includes a splash guard
  • Features variable speed control setting
  • Comes with a 1.5 litre glass liquidizer
  • Supplied with 4 dishwasher safe mixing tools: K beater, a flexi beater, a whisk, and a dough hook .

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Kenwood Chef KMC560 Review : Product Description

Kenwood Chef Premier KMC560 4.6 Litre Kitchen MachineKenwood chef premier kmc560 kitchen machine features three power outlets, and each is optimized for a dedicated food-preparing task. They include: The bowl outlet. This outlet, plus the other three mixing tools, will allow you to add other attachments that can be used with this outlet, for example, an ice-cream maker.

  • The high-speed power outlet. It is located on the top, back of the Kenwood kmc560 kitchen machine chef and allows for several of other attachments to be added e.g. the multi-mill and the liquidizer.
  • The slow-speed power outlet. It is located behind the removable front cover. This outlet is used to provide a perfect balance of both slow speed and high torque used to drive specialized equipment like the pasta roller and the multi-food grinder.
  • Kenwood kmc560 mixer employs planetary mixing action meaning that while the beater revolves in one given direction the socket turns in the opposite direction. This ensures that all the ingredients in the bowl are picked up from around the bowl, thus giving you a thorough mix.
  • It includes a splash guard that is particularly useful in stopping the inevitable.
  • Features variable speed control setting that gives you more room to control the speed to which the food get mixed.
  • Comes with a cook book, a CD, and a spanner for adjusting the attachments to help them reach the bottom.
  • Kenwood kitchen machine kmc560 also comes with a 1.5 litre glass liquidizer.

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Kenwood Chef Premier KMC560
When you acquire the Kenwood food mixer kmc560, you will be supplied with 3 dishwasher safe mixing tools that will allow you to carry out specific baking tasks. All the tools supplied are made of cast-stainless steel and are supplied with a unique Flexi Beater that has a flexible rubber edge.

They include:

  • The K beater. This beater has been designed to increase the efficiency of the Kenwood Chef Premier kmc 560 and reduce its beating time. This can specifically help you in mixing pastry, biscuits, fruit cakes and chocolate cakes.
  • A flexi beater. This is a unique feature to Kenwood Chef mixers. It has a flexible shape that fits the profile perfectly. This ensures that all your soft mixtures are properly mixed to perfection.
  • A balloon shaped whisk. This is a perfect tool for creating maximum volume. This is because the whisk mixes a lot of air into the mixture giving you a fluffy texture that is perfect for soufflés, cheesecakes, meringues, and mousses.
  • A dough hook. This tool takes away all your hard work of kneading bread. This is because it kneads and mixes effortlessly and quickly making perfect elastic and smooth dough for a variety of pastries and breads.

One thing to note is that you will have to do some minor Kenwood chef premier kmc560 attachments adjustments to help them reach a little bit closer to the bottom but not touching the bowl. A spanner and clear instructions are provided with the package.

There are many attachments like mincer, ice cream maker, slicer shredder etc to buy if you want them.


Some of the users of the Kenwood kmc 560 premier have complained that:

  • It is a bit noisy .
  • The attachment are very expensive; however Amazon offered the cheapest price they could find.

Overall Verdict

Do I recommend the Kenwood kmc560 chef premier? Of course yes: This is because in as much as it has its shortcomings like any other gadget, a lot of customers have praised it claiming that:

  • >kmc560 Kenwood kmc560 kitchen machine chef is very easy to use and clean.
  • It is great at making pizza dough that tastes better.
  • Its price is excellent. It is worth every penny.
  • It is sturdy, well built and durable.
  • Additionally, the Kenwood kmc560 has been featured among the top stand mixers in the Amazon best seller ranks. It has received an average customer star rating of 96%. (this mixer is  currently unavailable on Amazon); Alternatively check other best food mixer reviews.