Food Mixer Deals UK August 2017

Find Food Mixer Deals UK August 2017? I do update this page as deals comes in. All the deals will be picked from this page just incase you want to check-up for  the lighting deals-deals that end in 2 to 3 hours time.

Food Mixer Deals UK August 2017

Amazon Prime Day Food Mixer Deals 2017

  • (34% off) Kenwood KMX50BK Stand Mixer, 500 W – Black .Deal is Over

Christmas Food Mixers Deals UK 2016

  • (21% off) Igenix IG8701 Stand Mixer, 4 Litre, 600 W, White.Deal is over.
  • 77% off Hotpoint Multi-Functional Kitchen Machine, 400 Watt, Silver.Deal is over.

Cyber Monday Food Mixers Deals UK 2016

  • 30% off KitchenAid K45SS Classic Stand Mixer – White.Deal is over.
  • £179.00 – £185.00 Kenwood Stand Mixers.Deal is over.
  • 77% off Hotpoint Multi-Functional Kitchen Machine, 400 Watt, Silver.Deal is over.
  • (21% off) Igenix IG8702 Die Cast Stand Mixer, 5 Litre, 1000 W, Matt Grey.Deal is over.

25-26Nov. Black Friday Food Mixers 2016


31/3/2016 Food Mixer Daily Deals

Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Scrape Mixer Pro, 4.7 Litre
Deal Starts  at 12:29pm.Deal is over.

28/3/2016 Food Mixers Easter Deals 2016 UK

Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Kitchen Wizz Pro  Review

Want to Slice Various Ingredients in a Convenient Way? – Get a Unique Food Processor Want to buy an ultimate food processor for your kitchen that will help you in chopping salad items and mixing dough in a convenient and effortless way? Then it will surely be wise for you to get the Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Kitchen Wizz Pro Food Processor that has been built to provide utmost comfort to the person who spends most of the valuable time in kitchen. The unique slicer of this food processor is extremely safe and enables users to cut long and even slices with even thickness. If you are fond of small slices then it can be bit difficult to get required size with the help of this food processor. Even though it’s not such a big issue as the makers of this equipment has shown unique engineering at its best. What are the unique features of this food processor?

  • The food processor has 4 way chopping blades that will enable you to process large quantity of vegetables in a consistent and faster way. Since the blades are extremely sharper, you will be able to do the job of slicing, chopping and shredding in an easier way.
  •  The adjustable disk shaft of this equipment has been made out of reinforced stainless steel that stays steady even while slicing large quantity of vegetables. The size of the blade increments from 0.5mm to 8mm in thickness.
  •  With the pack, you will also get 2.5 liter bowl for the purpose of processing various vegetables and fruits.
  •  The food processor gets the massive power from the 2000 Watt drive motor that is surely the best in its class. It is a single speed motor that has few movable parts and thereby has been designed to last longer. The company provides 25 years of warranty on the motor of this equipment.
  •  For ease of use, the food processor has on and off controls that can easily be controlled by a new user. You will also get to experience the pulse control feature of this equipment. This feature is extremely useful if you want to use this equipment for a shorter duration.
  •  The brand provides three separate blades with this equipment for easy processing. You will get a mini blade for the recommended bowl used for mini processing, a dough blade to combine various ingredients and make dough out of it and lastly a heavy duty four blade that will enable you to slice or cut vegetables in a convenient way.
  •  Besides this, you will also get five different adjustable discs with this kitchen equipment. For example, a julienne disc to cut thin and long strips, a reversible disc for the purpose of shredding, a whisking disc to make a batter out of cream and egg white and lastly an adjustable disc for slicing.
  •  The kitchen equipment has a unique LCD display that will enable you to view the timer in a convenient way.
  •  You will also be provided various sizes of storage containers to make processing easier.
  •  You will be able to seal various attachments of the equipment efficiently to the base of the bowl with the help of water tight sealing technology. This will prevent leakage of various liquid and besides this; you will also get opportunity to increase the capacity by 25%.
  •  A spatula and cleaning brush is also one unique of accessories of this equipment. Now you can easily clean up the left over processed item from the specific bowl.

Reviews/expert opinion The various accessories provided by this food processor are extremely useful. To provide utmost safety, you will get an accessory box in which the various accessories can be stored neatly. Besides this, the equipment will not operate until the bowl is placed in a correct manner. This is also one of the vital features of this food processor. Pros

  • Will enable you to cut or slice large vegetables or fruits in a convenient way.
  • Has a massive motor with 25 years of warranty. Built to process good quantity of vegetables and fruits.
  • You will get to slice vegetables and fruits in various sizes and thickness with the help of adjustable blades.
  • Get a big bowl of 2.5 liters that will enable you to process large quantity of vegetables and fruits.

Cons There are many unique features of this processor that a user will get accustomed only after prolong use. Overall Verdict This kitchen appliance is surely a good investment of your valuable money. You will be able to complete the job of food processing in an easier way. The various adjustable blades of this appliance will enable you to slice or cut various ingredients in a uniform manner. Get this unique kitchen appliance and enjoy cooking.