Best Food Mixers UK 2017 Reviews

Food Mixer Reviews – Which is the best food mixer?

 Well; We have reviewed a wide range of best mixers brands to help you make the right decision: 

Is it Andrew James food mixer, Kenwood Chef Mixer, Kitchenaid mixer, Kenwood kMix stand mixer, Bosch food mixer or an assortment of other top food mixers as found in our food mixer reviews page.

Best Food Mixers Reviews & Comparisons UK 2017

No.PictureDetailed ReviewsBowl Size (Litre)Weight (kg)WarrantyCustomer RatingsBest Price
No.PictureDetailed ReviewsBowl Size (Litre)Weight (kg)WarrantyCustomer RatingsBest Price
1Kenwood kMix KMX52 - Almond Cream5854.7
2Bosch MUM57830GB Food Mixer3.9814.5
3Kitchenaid K45SS Classic4.21124.7
4Andrew James 1300 Watt Electric Food Stand Mixer In Stunning Red5.2524.3

What is the Best Food Mixer UK 2017?

Best Food Mixer

For a small family to medium sized family;Kenwood kMix KMX52 – Almond Cream is the best but for a large family Kenwood kmm020 is the best.

Kenwood KMM020 Review : Best Mixer For A Large Family

The Best Food Mixer UK 2017 in our opinion based on research and ratings is the Kenwood KMM020 Chef Major Titanium Stand Mixer Silver; It also the best food mixer and processor in one.

Here is why: The Kenwood Chef KMM020 oozes quality and style. It is for the inspired and creative cook who wants to take their culinary skills to new heights of excellence. If you are into creating large meals, cakes and deserts then go for Kenwood KMM020 .

Kenwood KMM020 Chef Major Titanium Stand Mixer Silver comes with a comprehensive 180 recipe book and a DVD/CD with illustrations on how to use various attachments.

  • The Kenwood KMM020 comes with 5 years warranty for peace of mind.
  • You also get a food processor attached to it when you buy.
  • KMM020 also comes with a heat resistant blender that is built with glass for durability and style.
  • It has a sizeable 6.7 litre bowl and runs on a powerful 1500 watt motor.

As already pointed out, the Kenwood KMM020 Chef Major Titanium Stand Mixer Silver features a 6.7 litre stainless steel bowl that is good enough for a big family.

  1. A 1500 watt motor powerful enough to mix heavy ingredients,
  2. 4 power outlets for additional attachments,
  3. A 1.6 litre thermos-resist glass blender for smoothies and soups,
  4. A food processor with 3 reversible discs,
  5. A K-beater, balloon whisk, a dough hook, creaming beater, dust guard, recipe book and many more.
  6. Unlike other stand mixers, that have no handles on the bowl, the Kenwood KMM020 bowl has handles for easy manoeuvrability.

With the Kenwood KMM020 Chef Major Titanium Stand Mixer Silver; you can always adjust the attachment with the spanner that comes with it to enable the attachment mix even small items.

If KMM020 is not your thing then no sweat; there is a wide range of other top best kitchen food mixers that could appeal to you.

Take time to read to the end to check out other top food mixers from the cheapest to the mid range to get one that clearly meets your needs.

Food mixers come in many shapes and sizes. Many promise a lot but do they deliver what they say on the tin? Of all the different models , which one is the best? Which one actually delivers on all the key aspects of a quality product: reliability, efficiency and versatility? Do they provide value for money? Let us find out.

Which Is The Best but Cheapest Food Mixer?

If you are looking for the best but cheapest food mixers; check these 2: Kenwood km330 and Kenwood km336

Kenwood km330

Kenwood km330 is one of the classic Kenwood models, best choice for beginners. It comes with a very big 4.6 litre mixing bowl and 3 non stick mixing attachments. Apart from this you also get a dust cover, a spatula, a registration card, a user manual, a recipe book and a one year warranty. KM330 classic is motorized by 800watt motor. You can use the classic model to do all sort of stuff ranging from beating eggs, kneading dough, mixing ingredients for home made sauces, cakes, pastries and much more. And the best part is that you are in position to add up to 20 extra accessories like ice cream maker, blender, processor etc to take your cooking skills into a next level while saving time to do other stuff. What is the catch? Read a full km330 classic review.

Kenwood km336

KM336 is not of much difference to the km330. It also features a 4.6ltre bowl, an 800watt motor, and 3 power outlets.

Apart from this you also get 3 standard mixing attachments, a user guide, recipe book and a spatula. KM336 can do all that the classic330 can do but with it you also get a free blender as an add-on.

Another difference is in on the gadget body materials that used to make it. While that of 330 is of plastic material; of the 336 on the other hand is of a mixture of aluminium and plastic. Click to read a detailed km336 review.

Best Food Mixer under £100

There is always best products for everyone and food mixers are of no any difference. In case you are looking for the best food mixers under £100; I will recommend that you go for any one of these: Andrew James Multifunctional Red 5.2 or Vonshef food mixer.

Andrew James Multifunctional Red 5.2

All Andrew James mixers are in the price range of under £100. While people prefer Kenwood because of durability; you can’t go wrong with the Andrew James Multifunctional Red 5.2. It is almost half the price of the cheapest Kenwood Chef and has a lot going on with.

Andrew James Multifunctional Red 5.2 comes with a generous 5.2 litre mixing bowl, 3 standard mixing attachments. And on top of that you get a 1.5 litre blender and a meat grinder for free.

You also get 2 years warranty. And as if this is not enough; you are also provided with a 128 pages cook book and a user manual.

Use of this kitchen machines as per user guide helps it last longer. All in all a mix of price, a stunning look and add-ons makes Andrew James Multifunctional Red 5.2 a best value kitchen machine worth buying. Read full Andrew James Multifunctional Red 5.2 review.

VonShef Food Mixer

VonShef Food Mixer is good actually; it comes in 2 colours: red plus black the choice is yours.

Vonshef comes with 5.5 litre stainless steel dishwasher safe mixing bowl, 3 standard mixing attachments (a dough hook, a beater and a balloon whisk),a dust cover and a spatula just like many other kitchen machines. Vonshef features 1200 watt powerful motor.

Like Andrew James Red; Vonshef also comes with 2 years warranty for peace o mind. Read a detailed Vonshef kitchen machine review.

Best Food Mixer under £200

Jumping from under 100 pound to best food mixer under 200 can be a wise decision. As in most cases the increase in price range comes with increase in added functionalities; meaning getting more attachments: Here is the list of the best value food mixers under £200.

Bosch MUM46A1

With a plastic body and a 3.9 mixing bowl is the Bosch MUM46A1. It is one of the best gadget in the UK market right now.

As other kitchen machines; Bosch MUM46A1 also comes with 3 mixing attachments (a dough hook, a balloon whisk and a beater).

On top of this you also get a blender, chopping equipments, citrus press, recipe book and accessories holder.

You have to make sure that the bowl is full attached to the MUM46A1 for it to function well. Bosch MUM46A1 is powered by 550 watts motor. Read full Bosch MUM46A1 review.

Best Food Mixer under £500

With a budget of around 500 pounds; you can almost buy any food mixer in the UK Market at Amazon. Here is a list of some of the best food mixer under 500 that you can buy today with full confidence.

Kitchenaid K45SS Classic

Comes with 2 years warranty 4 litre stainless steel mixing bowl, 3 standard mixing attachments (for mixing, beating and whipping), and a user guide is the Kitchenaid K45SS classic. It is one of the best selling Kitcheinaid mixers UK.

It is powered by 250 watts motor. The look and the ability to last longer is what makes the K45SS worth buying.

If a small bowl size, 3.9 litre does not bother you; then go for Kitchenaid K45SS Classic for peace of mind. It is worth extra money and so do other customers recommend it. Read full Kitchenaid classic review.

Kenwood KMC010 Chef Titanium

KMC010 Chef Titanium is of no difference to the Kitchen aid classic; it is made to last longer. However, you get more with KMC010. With KMC010 you get a very big bowl of 4.6 litre.

You also get 3 standard mixing attachments in addition to a food processor and a heat resistant blender. KMC010 is powered by 1400watts powerful motor to make your food preparation a delight.

Above all, you get 5 years guarantee for peace of mind. If you like the KMC010; there is chance that you might like the KMC015 with glass bowl the most. Read full Kenwood KMC010 vs. KMC015 review.

Kenwood kMix KMX52

With a stylish look are the Kenwood kMix stand mixers. They come in various colour: raspberry red, peppercorn black, Barcelona strips, and the kMix KMX52 almond cream being one of them. KMix KMX52 features 500 watt motor. With kMix KMX52 you get 5 litre mixing bowl, 3 standard mixing attachments, a dust cover, a recipe book and a user manual. Above all you get 5 year warranty for peace mind. Read full kMix KMX52 review.